Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I WIll NO LONGER Shop at Gymboree

WARNING: I know many people will think this is "silly" that I'm banning a store. But what you must know is that I HIGHLY value good customer service. If a store does not provide that, then I will not give them my money. Also know, this is not my first time purchasing from Gymboree. I have purchased a LOT of clothes from them as gifts, for my children, etc.

Before we knew what our soon to be arriving 4th child was, I ordered Easter outfits for my boys in February. I also ordered some cute little dresses that I loved and wanted if we were going to have a girl this time around. Although I didn't know what we were having yet, I knew I wanted these cute little dresses because they were either orange or had fish on them or both...both things I love and find adorable on children. Anywho, I checked to make sure I would have time to return and get a full refund if we were having another boy.

March came, we found out that baby would be another boy so I packaged the dresses up and sent them back. Gymboree has a full refund policy for items purchased within 60 days and has the receipt. I sent them back within 30 days with a receipt. I never heard from them until last month.

Last month I received a merchandise credit card saying that my order was not received within the 60 day time period so I could not have a credit back to my bank account. Honestly, I was a little annoyed because it was a lot of money and I would rather have it in my bank account. But I didn't think too much about it knowing that with school starting and having a new baby, clothes will be purchased so no biggie. I don't know why it wasn't returned in time...blame the post office, maybe?

This past week I received a coupon in the mail for a discount from Gymboree and Xavier saw the advertisement and really wanted one of the jackets they had pictured. Sunday night we get online and look it up and make sure that is the one he wanted. Damon also picked out a jacket. And each boy chose a backpack as well. Normally I wouldn't spend that much on the items they wanted but I had the coupon and my merchandise credit so I was ready to shop.

I go to checkout and the Merchandise credit cannot be used online...WHAT!?! Now in very fine print on the back of the card it says this, did I read that before...NO...what company only has merchandise credit available in store and not online. Its 2010 people! I would have never dreamed the credit could be used just in the store. Everything I had returned was purchased online, it makes no sense to me that I then could not use the credit online as well.

Here's my main problem...If I had a local Gymboree it would be no problem. I do not. The closest one is an hour away in a town we rarely go to. The other locations are over 2 hours away. I am one month from having another baby, traveling is not a good thing for me. I am VERY pregnant and there is no way I'm leaving town just to shop. I also have c-sections so it will be a little while after the baby is born before I will be physically able to go out and have a shopping spree.

I emailed Gymboree about my little predicament and they were basically no help at all and just restated their company policies. To me, companies who want my business and my money, would treat their customers with more respect and understanding. I also do not understand how a store can limit how you use your own credit. The main reason I believe Gymboree only allows merchandise credit in store and not online is they know that almost 80% of people do not use the gift cards they have. So if I fail to use my credit, then that is money in their pocket. I will use the credit and then I will never buy from them again. I don't care how cute their clothes are or how great the quality is. There are many many cute kids clothes that I can purchase from anywhere in the world ONLINE!

Also this week I have had little problems with JC Penney and Gap. I emailed both of these companies, got an immediate reply and both went above and beyond what I expected to satisfy the situations. Gymboree should take a lesson from these two companies who seem to know how to treat their customers.