Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pinned It & Made It

Its been a little while since I've posted my Pinterest trials.  I wanted to do one before our vacation but it just didn't happen.  And life just hasn't slowed down enough to blog.  So here they are, there's a lot!

Pinned ImageYummy French Toast recipe.  It really is the best.  The ratings are all 5 stars.  I've made it several times now and it is always super good.  One of my favorite things to make now.  I always use french bread, I just buy a loaf from dillions.  Its fantastic!

Pinned ImagePancakes!  I love pancakes but Adam is not a fan, he prefers waffles.  But this recipe was so good.  It was kinda sweet.  I didn't follow the directions very well, the batter is suppose to be made the night before so it wasn't thick enough to use immediately.  But since we had no other plans for dinner I went ahead and used it.  It made for very thin pancakes but they were seriously so GOOD!  Because the batter was so thin I went ahead and used it for waffles as well, they also turned out great.  So everyone in our family was happy!

Pinned ImageOne idea I found on Pinterest was to bake bacon in the oven.  It worked out so much better then cooking it in the skillet.  It was just as good and so much faster and easier.  It worked out nicely to do french toast on the stove and bacon in the oven.  Plus the house wasn't as bacon smelly as it usually is.

I've heard of this before but just never tried it.  I'm glad I did and will probably always cook (turkey) bacon in the oven from now on.

Pinned ImageHomemade Hamburger Buns.  One day I needed hamburger buns but forgot to buy them at the store.  The thought of having to go to the store with all 4 kids just seemed too much so I decided to give it a try and make some myself.  This is a super easy recipe and only takes 40 minutes to make!  They were awesome.

Pinned ImageChickFilA knock off chicken nuggets.  I made these last week for dinner, I think they were one of the best things I've ever made before.  I couldn't have fryed 100lbs of chicken and we would have still been devastated to see them all be gone.

Its a must try recipe, you won't regret it.  

Pinned ImageCreamy Garlic Pasta.   This is really good and super easy to make.  It had a stronger garlic flavor the next day.  Its also very cheesy and flavorful for being a simple pasta.

Pinned ImageSweet & Spicy Cucumber Slices.  I made this I think for Father's day and they were really good.  I'll admit I chickened out and didn't put the spice in them.  I'm a whimp.

Pinned ImageAnt Repellant.  We always have a problem every year with ants.  They get so bad I start to go a little crazy.  So I decided to give this a try and it works!  It doesn't take very much.  I mixed up one batch and just keep it in a jar i the kitchen.  When I see a few ants I pour a little out in a little bowl and within a few days they are all gone.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Gotta Love This Kid...

Photo Booth, Xavier's favorite summer activitiy

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July and the rest of the week...

We started our day by meeting all the family that was in town for breakfast at Early Edition.  Followed by some errands and naps!  But after that we spent the afternoon at Northview pool.  It was our first time to go to that pool and it was a lot of fun.  We went down all the slides, had fun hanging out, and it wasn't too busy considering it being 105 out!
 We had dinner at our house to celebrate Independence Day and of course followed by some fireworks.  Grayson loved the fireworks last year so I didn't worry too much about him being scared.  He was pretty happy. 

 Until one actually went off.  Sitting in the dark was fine, but he no likey the fireworks.  Luckily he was exhausted so we just put him to bed and he slept great!

Thursday was kind of a bum day.  We all went to the movies in the morning and had lunch.  Grayson and I napped all afternoon while the boys played with cousins.  Then we met for dinner at the Littles and Grayson, Aiden and I worked at Jim's while the boys played more with cousins.

Friday we had the brilliant idea to go to the zoo, not the best idea since it was over 100 degrees again.  Especially when you have two little ones that get tired of walking.  So Jordan and I had to take turns carrying Grayson and Aiden.  I was a hot mess after all that!  Sorry to the poor people who had to eat lunch with us at Freddy's.

We spent all Friday afternoon at Northview pool again.  We could have all stayed longer if we didn't get hungry!

Now all the company has left and we have to get back into our regular routine again.  I'm really going to miss those afternoon naps while the boys were playing with cousins!  Plus I haven't made dinner in 2 weeks.  I hope I can make it tomorrow when it starts all over again!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Weekend

Saturday we got together with family to celebrate Papa Don's 83rd birthday.  We had a lot of family in town which always means lots of pictures. 

Here is Don with all of his sons, Adam, Marty, Brian, Gordon, Kevin and Ben

Most of the daughers in law, Kelly, Me, Linette, Lisa, and Martha (missing Janna)

And just a handful of grandkids and one of his great granddaughters.
We have Michelle, Jonah, Preston, Grayson, Anthony, Damon, Nic, Xavier, Hillary, Aiden and Elizabeth

 Pick from church last week with all the boys

Lizzie wearing Aiden's shoes
 All the dolezal (little) boys
 Damon with Jonah
 Xavier with Preston
We had a great weekend with lots visitors and fun.