Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend!  Trunk or Treat at the church on Friday (I'm posting all those pics when I do Halloween), Saturday, my friend Sarah and I threw a baby shower for our friend Lauren (who had her baby a month early so we did a post-baby shower) and then Sunday was the Primary Program at church. 

Lauren and little Sydney...Sarah knows how to decorate!
 We had more food, which was super yummy, but we took pictures before the other food was out on the table. 
 I've never decorated anything pink before, I had to buy pink dye because I had ZERO!  But I love making sugar cookies, even though they make me crazy.

Sunday morning Aiden was so excited for his first Primary Program he decided he wanted his hair spiked up, first time ever.  He had his part memorized and really belted out all the songs.  I think he would be up there every week if they would let him.  He loves primary.

 Damon and Xavier before church, all ready to go...
 and Grayson wouldn't let me take his picture.  
Being the smart one that I am, gave him a BLUE lollipop before church.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Luckily all the blue came off with a wetwipe before church. 

Baby Girl

Everyone has heard the news but I haven't posted it on my blog yet.  But yes, we are having a baby girl.  The boys had the funniest reaction, so here is what they thought....

And no, they still haven't warmed up to the idea yet, but we all know they will love her immediately. 

Her name will be Adley Lynn and we are expecting her arrival at the end of February, first part of March.  Now is the time to convert an all boy household, to a little bit of pink. 

Football Season

 Damon and Xavier played flag football again this year.  They enjoyed their games and practices and had a lot of fun.  I think they won a couple, lost a couple, all in all it was a good season.  They improved each game and had a lot of fun. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Babies Come to Visit (and Ben and Kelly too)

Ben, Kelly, Jonah and Preston came for a visit this last weekend.  (We also had Kevin and Lisa but I have no photographic evidence of them.)  We hung out Friday and Saturday.  We got together with everyone at our house for brunch on Sunday morning to watch General Conference.  

Aiden loved the babies, he always wanted to hold one.  I guess he is practicing.

We also had a little mishap in the van.  So it was undriveable (I don't think that's a word but it works for me!) for the weekend.  Luckily we didn't need to go anywhere except for a couple trips to Grandma's.  Damon and Xavier wanted to walk which led to Aiden and Grayson then wanting to walk which meant, I got to walk with them.  Well the two little ones are pretty slow and Damon and Xavier ran up ahead of us.  Anyway, I just thought Aiden was rocking his outfit, hoodie, tie, pjs and red cowboy boots...and since I took a picture of him, Grayson pulled out his cheesy face too. 


Even though we have no trees in our front yard we always get a large amount of leaves...its kinda annoying.  Anyway, the boys had a great time raking them up and jumping into them.  Xavier was the one that started it but quit before I thought to take pictures.  Great mom moment!

But here's Aiden and Grayson having a lot of fun. 

Lion King

Last month, my sisters and I (and Jordan) were able to go to the Lion King production in Wichita.  It was amazing and I would go again, anytime of the day!