Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Night

So most everyone knows that I always work on Wednesday night at Jim's office, who is our insurance agent and where I worked full time before having Damon.  I've gone in on Wednesday nights every week for over 10 years.  And so everyone knows how hard we work, here's a video that shows some of what we do.

Sorry, its a little messed up.  Candy was flying everywhere and those things hurt more then you would think.  I also turned it to get Jim and Aiden in the shot with Grayson but it didn't self-correct like I thought it would. 

FYI, Grayson started it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

 Thanks to Pinterest I got this brilliant idea to make our own valentines this year.  However, I waited until last minute to get everything we needed so they didn't go quite as planned.  But still turned out cute if I do say so myself!   Monday night for family home evening was spent making all these beauties.

Since Xavier is our bug guy we made these for him. 
 You just glue a toy bug in the middle. 

 We made arrows for Damon's class and for all of the boys' teachers. 
They had Starburst jelly beans in them.  
(They were suppose to have plain m&ms but NO ONE in Manhattan had any for sale! 
Lucky for me they make Valentine Starburst Jelly beans and Target still had a couple bags.  I've never seen them before until Monday!)

For Aiden's the original plan was to make dinosaur ones similar to Xavier's but it says, You make my heart saur. But I couldn't find any little dinosaur toys.  So quick brainstorm and I came up with this idea all on my own and thankfully with the help of Google images it didn't take much time.  One side was the cute dinosaur picture and the other side was a black and white image that can be colored.  
Inside we put a small pack of crayons. 

Even though making our own valentines was kinda a pain in the butt.  They all got rave reviews from their teachers and classmates.  

Tuesday mornings we always have playgroup but this time we did something a little special since it was Valentine's day.  One of the moms teaches a music movement class so she did that and then I brought cookies and goldfish for the kids.  I didn't take a pic of the cookies because sadly they weren't as cute as my Christmas cookies.

Since Adam and I don't celebrate Valentine's day we always do something a little special for the boys.  This year I grilled steak and roasted potatoes that I cut into heart shapes (Pinterest is turning me into an insane person!) with green beans too.  I also made red velvet cookies for dessert.   Then the boys got a little box of chocolate and a toy.