Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Park

We went to the park today, we took Damon's friend Andrew with us as well. The boys ran around for over an hour never stopping...including Aiden. They had a great time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures of Aiden

Aiden is becoming more and more active. He also seems to be the most adventurous of our boys. Damon and Xavier never liked to be tossed in the air or flipped upside down, they really didn't care for being carried on someone's shoulders either. However, Aiden seems to enjoy all of these things and more. He likes to be spinned, tossed, and thrown around as much as anyone has the strength to do it.

Now he has started to climb. He can climb up on the couch and the ottoman. The stairs he has mastered long ago but the new one is the piano...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Unfortuately for Aiden he will always have to be a good little matter what his age or what he desires to do...because in the event of him going awry I will use this picture to blackmail the poor boy.

FYI...I had to chase him around the house to get the picture, I don't normally keep my feminine products in our kitchen.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy 1st Easter!


The boys woke up bright and early to see what the Easter Bunny brought. There was a slight confusion of which basket belonged to which boy (the Easter Bunny needs to label like Santa!). But once it was all worked out, everyone was for the most part happy.

After church we went to the Littles to for lunch and an egg hunt. Unfortunately due to weather we had to have it down stairs in the basement.
One day it would be nice to have some warm weather for Easter.

Go Daddy Go, Run Uncle Ben Run...

Saturday we met the family in Abilene to watch Adam and Ben finish their first marathon, and our friend Todd finished the half-marathon. It was pretty exciting to watch them finish. (A little scary too because I've never seen Adam "hurt" after a run.)

Adam finished it in 3 hours 15 minutes and was 19th overall, 4th in his age group.

He was a little disappointed because his goal was to qualify for Boston which me missed by 5 minutes. Once Todd pointed out that he would probably get it on his 2nd try, it helped put it in to perspective for him.

We're proud of our runners! Hopefully the sore muscles will heal quickly.

Good Friday Tradition

It has always been tradition in our family to decorate Easter eggs on Good Friday. Since I was in El Dorado that day my sister and I got together with our kids to dye eggs.

This Aiden right before he literally threw the egg across the room...needless to say that one was slightly bashed in.

And because my kids are crazy spoiled, here they are with their Easter baskets from my parents. 1 of 3 they got this year...not counting the Easter presents they got from Jim.

Aiden's first Easter basket!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Miracle

What does an Easter Miracle look like to a mother of 3?

Pictures of all 3 kids sitting still, looking at the camera, smiling, and looking cute. I would have been happy with one...the fact that I got 2...I don't even know what to do. I might have to make posters!

Happy Easter

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aiden's First Birthday!

Thursday was Aiden's first birthday. We didn't do too much that day but for dinner I made "birthday" brownies. So he got a whole brownie which has never happened in his little life, he was pretty excited about it.

Saturday we had his party. We had sandwiches and then of course cake and ice cream. Unfortunately Wichita was slammed with ice and snow so no one from my family could come. Even though the party was a little smaller than normal, we still had a good time.

Here's some pictures of his party and some from a couple days before. Double click to see the pics.


Monday he went in for his one year appointment. He now weighs 22lbs 14 oz and is 31 inches long. He had to prick his finger for some blood, which he didn't mind too much except for the lady keeping a hold of his hand. He also got 4 shots, which he hated. But it could be that he got the worst person ever to give shots...I realize that when you are new you are slow at doing things and it takes practive but maybe you shouldn't be learning on my baby!

He is really taking off with his walking, its becoming more like running. He loves to get into things that he is not supposed to and really enjoys his brother's toys, my hair brushes, climbing the stairs, paper especially post-its and toilet paper, trash, and the cutest thing is how he likes to sit on the floor in the kitchens hiding behind the curtains and starring outside. He also seems to like Adam...we'll see how long this lasts! Ha!