Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adam's Birthday

Thursday was Adam's birthday and we had a little celebration at our home that night. Adam requested a Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was awesome I do have to say and for the first time ever I made something spicy enough to get a tear out of the man. He also request chocolate chip cookies for dessert instead of cake...which either says something about the cakes I make or the chocolate chip cookies I make...hmm.

Then the boys gave him the cards they made. Plus, Xavier made him a picture book of things they have done and one thing he wants to do (a puppet show). I had made him a big (really big) map that was framed and then with push pins of all the places we had gone too. It was fun to look at and try and remember all of our trips we have been too. We also noticed the gaps in the US we need to fill in.

Friday we got together at the Littles for some yummy grilled chicken and ice cream cake. Which meant Saturday we got to go out and spend Adam's gift cards to the Running Store and Target.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nauvoo Trip

We had a great Labor Day Weekend in Nauvoo, IL. We were able to stay in a fancy house along with my sister Carrie and her family and my parents. I took a slew of pictures that I'm sure will bore most of you but if you want to check them out they are below.

Friday and Saturday we spent our time in Nauvoo going to the temple, seeing church sites, and going to the Grape Festival that was in town.

Sunday we went to church in Keokuk, IA where we were staying. They had the most beautiful church building I have ever seen. Later we went to Carthage Jail and then to the Festival again so my dad could check out the car show. Plus I got a funnel cake that was awesome and yummy and can't believe I haven't had one since like high school. I'm not waiting that long again!

We also went to the pier at Keokuk which was fun to watch the boats come in on the Mississippi.

Monday we all headed home. We stopped in KC at Legends to treat the boys to the T-Rex restaurant. Aiden loved the dinosaurs and it was fun to watch him enjoy the place. The boys love going there so it was worth it (I guess, I don't really care for the food and they charged us 50 cents extra for fries.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aiden needs a Club House

I'm thinking for Christmas we need to get Aiden a club house or something along those lines. He loves to sit underneath the dining room table, he enjoys this little nook between our couches and side table, and then today he decided that the dryer was a good place to be too.