Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sorry, ANOTHER Aiden Post

This kid is just too funny.  Its a daily thing now it seems that Aiden has some story or some funny comment to make.  Maybe he is making up for his 3 years of very little talking.

So, this is a little TMI but when someone passes gas in our family the following conversation ALWAYS takes place.
The person who doesn't pass gas will make some comment on how the gassy person is gross or disgusting, something along those lines.
The Gassy guy will then always say, "I feel better."
The Nongassy guy will always reply, "No one else does."

So Aiden the other day farted.  I said, "You're gross."
Aiden said, "I feel better."
I said, "No one else does."
Aiden said, "No one else farted."

The other day I had to take both Aiden and Grayson to my doctor's appointment.  As we were waiting in the waiting room we get to talking about when Adley is joining our family.  (Since then he runs in every morning to our room and asks if the baby is here yet.)  We also talked about how when Adley is a little bigger she will be in his room with Grayson.  Aiden said to me, "IF she poops in my room I'm going to be really pissed off."

We got Aiden and Grayson new bunk beds last weekend.  They LOVE their beds.  Every day when Aiden comes home from preschool he wants to crawl into his bed and take a nap.  (He never actually has taken a nap, its usually him and Grayson up there looking at books for 5 minutes.  He also has loved making his own bed.  He is really enjoying his big boy bed.  Grayson has liked it too.  I don't think he misses the crib at all. 

And to end on a sweet one, all through the day he will come up to me to kiss me and then will say, "Momma, I love you all day long."

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More funnies from Aiden.

The Sunday before last Aiden had me cracking up on the way to church.  I wish I could remember everything he was saying but I can't.  I know it had to do with him growing up and getting married.  He did tell me that he couldn't serve a mission after high school because he needed to get married.  That he was going to build a house for his wife and that I wasn't allowed to visit. 

I tried to point out that he could get married after a mission, just like daddy did.  And that even though he would be a grown up it would still be very nice to see his momma.  He wasn't convinced on that last one but I did my best to promise that I would be nice to his wife.

Then about mid-week he decided he could serve a mission and then get married but I still wasn't allowed to visit.

But last Sunday as we were driving to church he announced that he wasn't going to get married.  He said that he would serve a mission and then move out and build himself a house and make his own food.  I asked why he decided to not get married anymore he said, "I don't want a wife to bother me."

Yesterday when I was picking him up from school he was sharing his future plans with his preschool teacher and told her the same thing, that his wife will bother him so he doesn't need one.   But this time he added that he was going to get a dog and it will just be him and his dog.  He is going to name the dog Mindy because, "Mindy is a really good name for a dog."

Valentine's Day

We always spend Valentine's day as a family.  Adam grilled steaks for dinner (they were delicious!) and I made mashed potatoes and veggies and we had a red velvet bundt cake for dessert. We always get the boys a little toy to celebrate, this year they got candy hearts with chocolate and a little light saber toy that lights up.  There have been many battles already. 

I don't know why but my favorite part of Valentine's day is getting the valentine cards ready for school.  Last year we made our own but I didn't have the energy this year so we did store bought boring ones.  Maybe next year...

 Aiden did such a good job of writing his name on all his valentines for his preschool class. 

Xavier, working hard.  (I missed Damon doing his, he did his later in the evening.)

 Valentines morning, my two helpers making the cake. 
This picture really grosses me out!

I just think this picture is funny, Grayson looks like Yoda being carried by Luke Skywalker. 

Aiden and Grayson Bedtime Routine

Every night when we are putting the little ones to bed Aiden, and now Grayson, want to be dragged up the stairs.  It looks a little frightening and if they do not do well in school later in life we might have something to blame it on, but they love it.  They line up on the rug by the front door and scream, "Dada, Dada" until Adam comes and carries them up the stairs by a leg.

Bergman Amazing Musicians (B.A.M.)

This year both boys were in their school choir.  On the 7th, they got out of school for the whole day to go on "tour" around Manhattan.  They sang at several schools, including Grandma Little's school which was very exciting.  In the evening they gave a concert for the parents.

Favorite part, during one of the songs they play air guitar.  Xavier got a tad into it (front row and center and everything).  He even broke his "guitar" over his leg and threw it into the audience.  What a rock star.  

I Love It When the Boys Play So Nicely Together...

They have all discovered Minecraft (yes, even Grayson) and I guess they can play it together on their individual gaming devices.  At least I get 30 minutes to myself every so often.

(I honestly have no idea what this game is, one of them will ask for help and it makes ZERO sense to me.)

Celebrating Karen's Birthday

Last month we celebrated Karen's birthday with the family.  We had pizza and cake for dessert of course. 

Coaster Cars

We bought these coaster cars for Aiden and Grayson for Christmas.  They have brought a lot of joy to ALL the boys in the house.  Yes, they play with them in the kitchen.  It hasn't been nice enough to keep them outside.  They are LOUD on the kitchen floor and you do have to watch your toes because those little wheels hurt. 

Here's a video of one of their favorite games.