Monday, August 30, 2010

Aiden and Grayson

The most popular question we have been asked since the birth of little Grayson is, "How is Aiden doing?" Honestly, Aiden loves the little guy. If Grayson is crying, Aiden is one of the first ones up to check on him, usually running to him and saying, "uh oh, uh oh." He will also hold his arms out constantly as his little way of asking to hold Grayson. And if it is one of the times when he can't for one reason or another he gets a little pouty about it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Bath

Not a fan yet of the bath but I'm sure he'll grow to love it.

I really am a sucker for a baby in a hooded towel, its one of my favorite things.

Cozy pjs...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

It was Damon's and Xavier's first day of school yesterday. They enjoyed being with some old friends and both have said they have made new ones today. They both have first time teachers this year too. Xavier's teacher was Damon's student teacher last year so we are already a little familiar with her.

The boys ready to go...all morning long they asked if it was time to leave yet.

Aiden joining in on the fun.Had to get all the boys...the best we could do with 4 boys and in a hurry.
The boys' new backpacks also double as guitars.

Aiden and Grayson saying goodbye to Damon and Xavier...although it looks more like Aiden is about to eat Grayson instead.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going Home

Luckily, Grayson and I were able to go home on Sunday morning. We could have stayed another day but I was so bored in the hospital. My nurse asked me if I wanted to go home today and I told her I would be ready as soon as they were. So she was excellent and got everything in order. Grayson had to have shots, blood test, hearing test, and his circumcision all done before we could leave. She was able to get him taken care of so that we were home before noon.

My parents had come up the night before so they stayed with Damon, Xavier and Aiden while Adam came and got me. Adam then took the boys to church, I had lunch with my parents before they left and then Grayson and I took naps.

I forgot to get the "going home" shot in his car seat but here he is in his bassinet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grayson's Day

Adam and I showed up at the hospital at 5:30 to get checked in. We were checked into our room, 220, and the nurses got started on my medical history and putting in the iv. I really hate ivs so I warned them that I will be driving them crazy about getting it out for the rest of the day.

The surgery was to start at 7:30 but there was another lady actually in labor at that time and they were trying to decide to wait on her or to go ahead with me. I guess her kid decided to wait so we headed back to the cesarean surgical "suite." I got a spinal block which was so much better then the one I had with Aiden. It was cake compared to what they put me through with him. Then Dr Gros and Dr Newcomer came in to get everything started.

There was a point where it was really hard for me to breathe and right before I said something a nurse leaned over and said, "If you are having problems breathing its because Dr Newcomer is on your chest trying to get the baby out." I guess Grayson had scooted really high and they had to go in after him.

At 7:47 am he was out and healthy and unhappy for a good few minutes. At 7lb 12oz he falls in at 2nd for our biggest baby. He is long which makes him look super skinny. Its been decided he falls into line with the Dolezals with his long arms, all torso, skinny legs, small head and no butt.

The hospital has changed their visiting hours so the boys couldn't come by until 4:30 but they were very excited to meet him. They all took turns holding him. They came back again that night after dinner and Adam told them if they want to hold Grayson they need to sit on the bench...and all three boys lined up for their turn.

And I just think this is the cutest picture of Xavier...
Finally had his eyes open...
All the boys. I love this picture because of Aiden's cheesy grin even though Grayson is very unhappy.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Grayson Harris Dolezal

7 lbs 12 oz -- 20 in long
Happy, Healthy, and Pretty Darn Cute

meeting the boys...
more when i dont have an iv in my hand, nursing a little baby, and have slept bit

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Week's Update: August 8-14

Sunday, August 8: Adam has worked hard over the last year or so to establish a pew at church but with the pending birth of Grayson it was time to move on to a larger pew. We made the change this week. It was nice to spread out a little bit. Hopefully the fellow 2nd warders will take the hint that we are taking over the last pew.
We had dinner and FHE at the Littles. We played Crazy 8s and I beat the crap out of everyone. Out of 6 hands, I one 4. It was so funny, even though Damon cried.

Monday, August 9: Grocery shopping and errands. Damon went to the swimming pool and to his friend's Tate's house. Xavier invited a new buddy, Kendric over. After dinner that night we went to the pool. A couple families from the ward was there which was nice. Aiden's best friend, Hayden was there which made him a very happy boy. They are two peas in a pod.

Tuesday, August 10: Drs appointment for me. The boys went to play with Grandma and Grandpa. Adam came home for lunch. And we went to Jim's that night for work.

Wednesday, August 11: I was a good mother this day and let my children watch endless amounts of television. I don't even know how much time was spent in front of the television but I just could not muster up any strength to do anything else. I'm blaming pregnancy. I only have one more week for that excuse so I'm going to use it! It didn't help that it was one million degrees outside! We did go swimming that night, that's at least 2 hours they weren't in front of the tv.

Thursday, August 12: My visiting teachers came over. The boys love it when they come over and bring extra playmates. All the kids ran crazy through the house while we just sat and chatted. After they left I got a crazy idea to take the boys to Pizza Hut for lunch. I'm not a big fan of the Hut but you can't beat their breadsticks or the Pepsi. They have the best ice. I'm still sad that I forgot my to-go cup at the table. And yes, we went swimming again that night! We saw the bishop and his kids. Oh how I love seeing church people in my bathing suit!

Friday, August 13: House cleaning day! I was also able to clean the carpets downstairs. They look so much better. All that is left to be cleaned are the stairs and the couches, which will be tackled next week. Luckily I finished the carpets at 3:45 and took a super quick shower since we lost power at 4:25. Adam came home a little early since he was out of power at work too. We relaxed at home for awhile waiting for our little microburst/thunderstorm to pass. After we drove to Sonic for dinner and then played Dominos in the kitchen waiting for the power to come back on.

Saturday, August 14: Adam was my slave today as he got up with the boys, built a sandbox, made 3 trips to Home Depot, replaced some dead light bulbs, cleaned the bathrooms, moved some limbs at Jim's house, cleared out my garden, cleaned some garbage cans, redid some rock in the front yard, and did some laundry. The sandbox looks really nice, the boys are excited to play in it but didn't get to today since they were pretty busy too. They helped Jim clear limbs and went over to clean at the Littles. But it gave Xavier enough money for his new pet, so it looks like we will be getting some fiddler crabs next week.
We went swimming again, since the pool is closing tomorrow and drove through Cox Bro BBQ for dinner. Unfortunately they messed up Adam's meal so I called and the manager was really nice and is sending us a $10 gift card. I love great customer service!

Curing Diaper Rash

Poor Aiden had really bad diaper rash last week. When our normal procedure for curing such problems was not working I knew he probably had a yeast infection. (Which is one of those things that I don't think most of us know is possible until there is an incurable diaper rash!)

Anywho, I contemplated actually calling his dr but decided to first try a tip from my sister. My sister Carrie told me long ago that Milk of Magnesia can help cure the incurable diaper rash. While out shopping I gave her a quick call to get the details on it and that night we put it into practice.

The next morning, it was noticeably better; Aiden didn't cry during a diaper change anymore. After 2-3 days he was completely healed. We were sold.

There is a little procedure to it and I have no idea who thought of such a thing and what would possibly make someone come up with it, but it works so I'm not questioning it.

Put a small amount of the Milk of Magnesia on a cotton ball. Dab it on the rash. Then use a hairdryer (cool setting please, no burned biscuits) to dry the MofM so it becomes white. And that is it. Seriously it works so well. We couldn't believe how quick the results were from it.

At first Aiden was scared of the hairdryer but at the first time I think he kinda enjoyed the cool breeze on his tush.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Week's Update: August 1 - 7

Sunday, August 1: Is it sad that I can never remember what happens on Sunday? I know it was fast/testimony meeting, Adam bore his, and my friend Marci gave me chocolate in Primary. That's all I can recall...really sad huh? I'm blaming it on pregnancy. I won't have that excuse too much longer so I'm using it while I can.
I finally remembered one thing! Ferocious X-Man Dolezal, the beloved tadpole, passed away. We woke up that morning to a dead tadpole. Xavier was sad but handled it better than I thought he would of.

Monday, August 2: Errand and grocery shopping day. The boys and I went to Smashburger for lunch. I love that place. Its some greasy hamburgers but yummy. We also went swimming that night when Adam came home from work. It's becoming our summer ritual, especially on Mondays.

Tuesday, August 3: Had my dr's appointment today. We are now on weekly visits. I couldn't see my dr since he was in a delivery so I had to see the pa instead. Dilated to 1 cm...that would be more exciting if that wasn't the case with every pregnancy I've ever had. Dilated to 1 at 36 weeks and that's as far as I get. Anywho, the boys were at friend's house while I was at my dr appointment so after I picked them up we met Adam for Old Chicago. Spoiled kids get to eat out two days in a row for lunch. In the evening we planned on going to the pool again but ended up just bumming and watching some Shark Week.

Wednesday, August 4: I took the boys to the zoo, totally forgetting that Aiden had an appointment for his speech in the morning. OOPS! But we had a good time walking around and stopped at Sonic for slushies...which actually turned into getting lunch with our slushies. Again, spoiled kids. I wonder why they ask to go out to eat all the time! That night we worked at Jim's like always. Aiden was being such a goofy kid, he kept making us laugh.

Thursday, August 5: Wednesday the new stroller came so Thursday seemed like a good day to try it out. Plus it was about 20 degrees cooler then it had been in over a week. Unfortunately, I overestimate myself and walking and always walk twice as long as I should have. Damon and Xavier were miserable, Aiden loved riding in the stroller, and we had to stop on the way back a couple of times for breaks. Damon, Xavier and I were dying by the end. It didn't help that the temperature increased while we were walking, that and the fact that I am 9 months pregnant.
Adam had to go home teaching at night so the boys and I went swimming. Damon and Xavier went off the diving boards the entire time we were there. Xavier was going off the high dive exclusively until a new "trick" went badly and he landed on his back. His entire back looked like he had the worst sunburn. He handled it pretty well, it was so bad I was expecting tears.

Friday, August 6: Favorite day in the house is cleaning day. It actually meant that the boys stayed downstairs all day watching movies while I cleaned the upstairs and shampooed the carpets. My plan is to do the stairs and the downstairs next week.
We met up with the Littles for dinner at Early Edition, took back some things at the mall and ran into the Colemans, and then home to put the boys to bed.
It was also my mom's birthday. She would have been 71 which just freaks me out that she would be that offense!

Saturday, August 7: We watched a friend's daughter while the family went to the temple and her mom was still in the midst of traveling home from a cruise she took with her sisters (I think that's right). Anyway, we picked her up at the airport and took them home then headed out for lunch. After lunch we went exploring at a local pet store in search of a perfect pet for Xavier. We are thinking Freshwater Fiddler Crabs. He's close to having enough money for them. He just needs to figure out which type he wants. They look pretty cool and the pet store guy promises they are low maintenance. Since we all know that I will be the one taking care of it, that is very important to me. I also put Adam to work finishing a lot of projects and we were able to finish Aiden's room.

Aiden's and Grayson's Room

Finally, we have one room in the house completely decorated and ready. Sad since we have lived here since October, even sadder that it is the room for the child still cooking.

Anyway...Here's some pics of Aiden's and Grayson's new room. I painted it a couple weeks ago, made a felt border, added some pictures, a new bookshelf and some other little odds and ends. I also repainted the rocking chair. I originally was going to paint it white but decided we needed more color in the room. So it is now the color the upstairs bathroom will be one day.

Aiden welcoming everyone to his room...

Next plan is to finish our bedroom before the baby comes (cross fingers that it will happen) then on to the boys' room before Christmas.

Camo Pants

Along with school shopping, all the boys were needing pants. Damon had camo pants that he loved but outgrew so I found a new pair for him at Old Navy, which meant Xavier wanted a pair and since Damon and Xavier had a pair it just seemed right for Aiden to get a pair too. We'll have to look for infant camo for Grayson.

They were very excited when they came...3 boys in camo pants.
Running in their camo pants...more evidence of why we do not have furniture in the Living Room.