Saturday, August 14, 2010

Curing Diaper Rash

Poor Aiden had really bad diaper rash last week. When our normal procedure for curing such problems was not working I knew he probably had a yeast infection. (Which is one of those things that I don't think most of us know is possible until there is an incurable diaper rash!)

Anywho, I contemplated actually calling his dr but decided to first try a tip from my sister. My sister Carrie told me long ago that Milk of Magnesia can help cure the incurable diaper rash. While out shopping I gave her a quick call to get the details on it and that night we put it into practice.

The next morning, it was noticeably better; Aiden didn't cry during a diaper change anymore. After 2-3 days he was completely healed. We were sold.

There is a little procedure to it and I have no idea who thought of such a thing and what would possibly make someone come up with it, but it works so I'm not questioning it.

Put a small amount of the Milk of Magnesia on a cotton ball. Dab it on the rash. Then use a hairdryer (cool setting please, no burned biscuits) to dry the MofM so it becomes white. And that is it. Seriously it works so well. We couldn't believe how quick the results were from it.

At first Aiden was scared of the hairdryer but at the first time I think he kinda enjoyed the cool breeze on his tush.


Carrie Craft said...

I'm pretty awesome! :)

Actually my Doc's PA is awesome.

Anonymous said...

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