Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 Grandmas

This happened just over a week ago but it was such a funny exchange with the boys, I decided to put it up here.

We were driving home one night after working at Jim's. The radio was on the John Tesh Radio Show. He is always sharing random information and research studies and this night he said something along the lines of, "If a woman walks 30 minutes a day, her risk of breast cancer decreases by 50%."

Xavier then asks, "Didn't your mom have cancer? What kind?"
I said, "My mom had breast cancer just like what they were talking about."
Damon said, "Awww, your mom should have gone for more walks."

We then get into this great conversation about my risk of getting cancer and if they have daughters will they have a risk of getting cancer and so forth.

Then Damon said, "I wish your mom would have walked so she could have lived and then I could have met her."
I said, "But if my mom would have lived then we wouldn't have Grandma Lois in our family."
Damon then decides, "Maybe if your mom would have lived, she and Grandpa Prewit would have gotten a divorce and then he could have still married Grandma Lois. Then we would have 2 Grandma Prewits!"

Friday, May 14, 2010

For Posterity...

After dinner tonight Adam and I were talking, Damon and Xavier were doing something and Aiden was off in a different room (Great mothering skills, I know!). Adam goes down the hallway and finds Aiden sitting on his little potty going to the bathroom. The little guy just went in and used it all by himself, took off his pants, diaper the whole thing. We might have been a little too excited about it but it just totally caught us off guard we couldn't help ourselves.

The plan was to work on potty training this summer but we'll see if he continues to show interest in it this weekend. After the two disgusting diapers this morning, it would be nice to have a couple months off before we start the diapering business all over again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Xavier Skeleton

Xavier got his face painted last week at the city's "Get a Round 2it." He loved his face skeleton and was sad to wash it off before school.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Down on the Farm

Reading a magazine recently I found out about a program where you can buy shares into a farm then once a week you can go and fill your basket of produce. Being that we eat a large sum of fruits and vegetables, especially in the summer, we decided this would be a great plan for us.

This weekend the farm had an open house which included a petting zoo and a bounce house. So we stopped by for a few minutes to let the boys play. Damon and Xavier ended up knowing the kid who lived there so that worked out well for them to have a little playmate as well...although they chased the animals in the petting zoo a little too much for my taste. Adam had to remind me that is was his farm so I couldn't tell him to knock it off.