Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grayson - 11 months

This guy keeps growing and getting older and it seems so CRAZY that he is almost one year old. We are already planning his birthday party and ordering presents.

He has seven teeth and is enjoying most table foods, which makes my life so much easier. He is also very chatty, especially when we are out shopping. Every time we are in Dillions he makes his cute little sounds and makes the other shoppers swoon over his cuteness. Which he is, he is really really cute. Whenever we are out I'm always asked if he is always this good. The answer is yes, he is always happy.

He still sleeps great, taking about an hour nap in the morning and then a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. And of course sleeps all night long. He seems to love sharing a room with Aiden. They always make goofy faces and smile at each other.

He crawls really fast to anything he wants and is always pulling himself up. He has even stood for several seconds by himself, never when I have a camera though. His favorite thing seems to be trying to pull things off my desk and off tables, anything that is just low enough for him to grab.

Grayson also has a little passion for technology. It doesn't matter where he is at or what he is doing, if he sees my itouch or a cell phone, he is going for it. Today while Adam had him at church Grayson tricked another baby into taking a toy car so he could crawl off with the other dad's cell phone. Oh and remotes, he loves those things too. Just the other day he had two in each hand crawling around the house with both of them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baseball - Xavier

Xavier had a great baseball season this year. He had a really nice coach and they won all their games but two which they tied. I think his favorite position has been catcher. He liked it last year too. This year he was machine pitch which I think frightened him a little bit. The machine seems to throw a lot harder then Adam. But he would almost always hit it and had a lot of fun.

Baseball - Damon

Baseball season has finally come to an end so its time for a little end of season wrap up. Damon was on the Dodgers and had a pretty good year. I'll admit, it wasn't his best but we have been spoiled. Up until this year, Damon had the same coach who was a super nice guy. Although this year, the coaches were nice, they just weren't the most organized. But he still had a good time and enjoyed baseball.

We did hit a snag in the middle of the season where he started to be scared of the ball (He got hit with the ball 4 times, 3 - 4 times more then all the other kids on his team). Knowing Damon well, we were able to bribe him to keep trying. So the last couple of games he earned money for doing different things. He would get a $1 if he never ducked from the ball, $3 if he hit the ball and $5 if he got hit by the ball. However, if he ducked from the ball, he had to pay me $1 every time he did it. I don't normally bribe my children, but it worked. His second to the last game he hit both times he was at bat and never ducked away. The last game he got hit by the ball, you could tell it really hurt him, so I started yelling at him. "You just made $5!"

His team did end the season by getting into the semi-finals. They lost by 8 but Damon was the only one who scored!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 4th

We had a great 4th weekend with lots of family in town. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of them all for a couple reasons. 1. I'm not that smart. 2. Some of them left before the 4th. We got together on Saturday for Grandpa's birthday and smart me brought my camera, the dumb part of me forgot to put a memory card in it. So no pics on Saturday. Sunday we got together for lunch before half of our group left town, again I brought my camera with memory card....the battery died! So that night, I charged the battery, made sure the memory card was in the camera and FINALLY got pictures on Monday.

We started our morning by walking to Early Edition to meet everyone for brunch. I had decided to get Red Sox shirts for the family, so here we are sporting our new shirts. Ignore the fact that both boys are not wearing Red Sox hats.

After brunch and some bumming around the house, we finally got our fireworks on. Here is Kayson, Shawnee and Aiden popping snappers.
The boys starting to light some of the day time stuff. We had smoke bombs, parachutes, hens and tanks.
Some of the spectators...Grandpa Little and JessicaMarty and Janna...
The boys got to pick out a firework, Xavier and Aiden both got a plane like this while Damon chose a tank.

They then had a good time setting them on fire. I think the teenage boy at our house helped with this. Thanks Hunter!And then of course, time for some actual fireworks. We set off ours and then watched the city's firework show and many of our neighbors were setting off some good ones too.

Grayson and the Moth

You probably can't tell in these pictures. But there was a little moth fluttering around at the window and Grayson was mesmerized by it and trying to grab it. It was really cute, he would not give up and was having such a good time trying to capture it. He got really close a couple of times but never could quite grasp it.