Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Father and Sons Campout

Every year the ward plans a Father/Son campout.   The original weekend had a chance of snow and was really cold so they cancelled it and had it last weekend.  

 Adam took all the boys out and as far as I know they had a great time.  All the boys came home exhausted.  Grayson put himself down for a nap for about 4 hours.  Aiden fell asleep.  Damon fell asleep right before we had to leave for a graduation party and these two were out in the car as we made the 10 minute drive.

Adley and I had a great night just the two of us.  We went for a walk, picked up some dinner, watched a couple of chick-flicks and then went to bed.  (I also got some work done since my pepsi and allergy medicine combo made me WIDE I did a lot of ironing, cleaning, and shampooed three bedrooms.)

Last day of waiting

Grayson is obsessed with my boots.  He is always pulling them out of my closet to put them on.  The last day of preschool for Aiden, 2nd to the last day of school for Damon and Xavier, Grayson got all my boots out and insisted on wearing them around the house.  He put a pair on me too and then got Aiden's cowboy boots out for Adley.  He would get so mad when they wouldn't stay on her feet. 

And I just thought he looked cute as he waited one last time for Aiden to get out of school. 

I don't know what he is going to do when fall rolls around and all the brothers are in school and he is stuck at home with me and Adley!

5th Grade Field Trip

Every year the 5th grade class goes on an overnight field trip to a camp near by where they can do all these different activities.  They have to "earn" the right to go by reading a certain number of books.  And luckily it is all paid for by a grant every year so it doesn't cost the kids anything to go.  They talk about it all year so you can imagine how excited all the kids are to finally go at the end of the year. 

Adam decided to go as a chaperone this year (which means he gets to go next year with Xavier. He wasn't very excited to be going but sucked it up to be "Father of the Year."  

Late that night I texted him to see how things were going.  He was very surprised to admit that he was actually having fun.  He is ready to go back sometime as a family. 

Aiden's May Sayings

Some more funny things from Aiden...

The other day he would say to me numerous times a day, "I'm going to be nice to my kids."  This was always after I wouldn't let him do something in which he would also say, "You hate me.  You won't let me have a popsicle.  You hate me."  So I'm pretty sure it wasn't a compliment.  (Mind you he eats about 3 popsicles a day so its not like he is deprived.)

I was teasing the boys about buying me gifts for my upcoming birthday and Aiden told me, "I'm going to buy you boys to sing to you."

He has become quite enamored with Grandpa Little's Donald Duck impersonation.  He talks about it quite a bit and will say, "Grandpa Little is so funny but he is so weird."

Last week was his last day of preschool FOREVER! He is very excited to be going to the "dolphin school" with his brothers in the fall. 

Here he is with his preschool teacher, Miss Sara.  Every day he would walk into his classroom and say, "Where's Miss Sara?"  He always had to know where she was at!

He is still not convinced that Adley is a girl.  He will ask me, "When will we find out if Adley is a girl or a boy?"   And I always say to him, "We know buddy, she is definitely a girl."  And he will say to me, "Maybe you just think she's a girl."

A little while ago he was asking me what Adley's middle name is.  I said to him, "Lynn, just like mine and just like my Uncle Bob."  (FYI he really wants her middle name to be the same as his.)  He then asked me about Uncle Bob and I told him that he passed away a few years ago.  Aiden said, "He died!  My Uncle Bob died!   That makes me so sad!"   I kinda laughed and said, "I don't know if you ever met him."   He then said, "That makes me even sadder.  I never knew my Uncle Bob!"   He is now obsessed with death and always asks to see pictures of Uncle Bob.  He now can't wait until he dies so he can meet him.  (That last part is really not funny)

This week he asked for a pet toad.   I told him we couldn't get a toad because we had a dog.  So then he asked when Lockett died could we get a toad.   I told him we would talk about it then.   At lunch, Lockett jumped on him and ate his pizza, he came running to me crying and said, "Can we please have a pet toad.  A toad wouldn't be able to jump up and get my pizza."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day of School

First day of school on the left and last day of school on the right.  I think Damon has changed the most this year.   

Aiden was being a punk yesterday and refused to smile. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day

 We celebrated Mother's day by letting me sleep in a super long time (favorite part of the day!).  Xavier brought me breakfast in bed.  And then we got dressed up and went to church as a family (something that hasn't happened in a super long time thanks to Adam's "power" callings). 

 We always have to do a silly photo for Xavier.

 After church we came home and made dinner.  Adam's parent's and Grandma came over to celebrate.  Grandma had not got to hold her only Great Granddaughter EVER so Mother's day was finally the day.  (Grandma had broke her shoulder RIGHT before Adley was born so she had to heal before she could hold her.)

And Adam got me a super cute KS shirt, I need to take a picture of and post. 

Rockin' K

Adam ran his favorite race a few weeks ago but we just got pictures from it, so here they are.  It is held every year at Kanopolis Park and he loves it.  His boss Clay always runs it too.  This year he talked Ben into running it as well.

Here are some of the past posts: 2012 (aka the bald one) and 2010.  (For some reason I didn't post about it in 2011.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Color Me Rad

Saturday - Charla, Jordan and I ran the Color Me Rad race in Wichita.  We were a little nervous since I did just have a baby (and surgery) and Charla had just broken her foot, the same time I had a baby.  So needless to say, we weren't too sure we were going to make it.  But WE did it and surprisingly we actually ran most of it and finished it in about 35 minutes.  Considering the circumstances we were pretty proud of ourselves.  And we got slightly colorful in the process.  In fact everything I wore that day is now pink. 

And yes, I do have blue paint on my teeth, apparently I talk too much when I run. 

After showers and getting all dolled up again we headed to El Dorado to take Lois out for lunch for her birthday.  I should have taken pictures of that but totally spaced it off.  It might have been because I was too busy eating my weight in chips and salsa.  Then my daddy had made an awesome rhubarb pie so we headed back to the parents house for dessert.  It was fantastic! 

I took Jordan home to Topeka and then Adley and I headed home to our boys.