Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Aiden's May Sayings

Some more funny things from Aiden...

The other day he would say to me numerous times a day, "I'm going to be nice to my kids."  This was always after I wouldn't let him do something in which he would also say, "You hate me.  You won't let me have a popsicle.  You hate me."  So I'm pretty sure it wasn't a compliment.  (Mind you he eats about 3 popsicles a day so its not like he is deprived.)

I was teasing the boys about buying me gifts for my upcoming birthday and Aiden told me, "I'm going to buy you boys to sing to you."

He has become quite enamored with Grandpa Little's Donald Duck impersonation.  He talks about it quite a bit and will say, "Grandpa Little is so funny but he is so weird."

Last week was his last day of preschool FOREVER! He is very excited to be going to the "dolphin school" with his brothers in the fall. 

Here he is with his preschool teacher, Miss Sara.  Every day he would walk into his classroom and say, "Where's Miss Sara?"  He always had to know where she was at!

He is still not convinced that Adley is a girl.  He will ask me, "When will we find out if Adley is a girl or a boy?"   And I always say to him, "We know buddy, she is definitely a girl."  And he will say to me, "Maybe you just think she's a girl."

A little while ago he was asking me what Adley's middle name is.  I said to him, "Lynn, just like mine and just like my Uncle Bob."  (FYI he really wants her middle name to be the same as his.)  He then asked me about Uncle Bob and I told him that he passed away a few years ago.  Aiden said, "He died!  My Uncle Bob died!   That makes me so sad!"   I kinda laughed and said, "I don't know if you ever met him."   He then said, "That makes me even sadder.  I never knew my Uncle Bob!"   He is now obsessed with death and always asks to see pictures of Uncle Bob.  He now can't wait until he dies so he can meet him.  (That last part is really not funny)

This week he asked for a pet toad.   I told him we couldn't get a toad because we had a dog.  So then he asked when Lockett died could we get a toad.   I told him we would talk about it then.   At lunch, Lockett jumped on him and ate his pizza, he came running to me crying and said, "Can we please have a pet toad.  A toad wouldn't be able to jump up and get my pizza."