Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally a Christmas Post...

Yes, I'm finally posting about Christmas.  And since it has been over a month, I'm kinda over it so here's a brief Christmas history and a slew of pictures.  

The weekend before christmas we went to my parents house.  We spent one day with all of my siblings (at least, those who could come) and exchanged gifts with my parents.  Then on Christmas eve we went to the baptist church for the Christmas eve service (where I spent most of the time in a separate room holding a screaming 2 year old) and then home to exchange presents between my sisters and the kids.  

That night we headed home where we got the boys to bed and Adam and I stayed up until 1am playing Santa and baking for the next day.  After unwrapping presents at our house, we went over to the littles for some presents and Christmas dinner.  I got a nice nap and then we played some card games. 

 Aiden got pickles from my parents, we was so excited, he loves pickles.

 My daddy and Jordan
 Baby Hunter
 the boys and their presents
 we got dad his own legos, he's never played with them before
 Santa came!

 These coaster cars have taken over my kitchen