Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

 We had snow at the very end of March because KS is CRAZY and doesn't want winter to end.  But it was actually the perfect snow to make a snowman.  We just didn't have quite enough so he's little.   But Grayson was so excited to build one.  It was his first snowman and he was pretty proud of him.
And yes, he is wearing leggings.  He loves his leggings!

Aiden's 6th Birthday Party - with lots of pictures!

We celebrated Aiden's 6th birthday at the end of March.  We had our "traditional" family party with all the same party goers.  All except Grandpa and Grandma Prewit, they are popular and had another party at the same time.   

Aiden wanted a lego cake.  Honestly, all these boys are exhausting with their repeat choices.  I'm a little out of ideas.  So for a lego cake this time around, I bought these lego candies (that are kinda gross but if you want some, we still have a ton!) and just added them to the cake.  I really wanted to stack them together and but they don't stay together that well.

 He got lots of great presents.  He got lots of new legos, pjs, connect 4 game, and cash.

But he was probably the most excited of these two things...a cup and mints.  

We got him a kite, monster slippers and new crocs (they are pretty cool, they are sharks and light up). We also decided to build him a tree house.   We really wanted to have it done before the party, but that was just impossible.  So hopefully by then of April, Adam and the boys will have a tree house built.  I still wanted him to have something to unwrap so I made a diorama (because I'm certifiably crazy) of Aiden in a tree house so that he had a present to unwrap.  

(In all honesty, it actually just took me an hour or so to make.  It took longer to wrap the box then it did anything else.  And it was a lot of fun.  I might have to become a diorama artist.  Is that a real thing?  I hope so...)

Uncle Matt and Adley.

Poor Jax was having a melt down because he didn't get any presents.  Its tough...and funny...I couldn't stop taking pictures.

 Close up of the diorama.

Jax's Birthday

 We celebrated my nephew Jax's birthday at the end of Spring Break.  We drove down to Wichita just for the day.  I made an Iron Man cake and a Hulk cake.

Aiden loves his cousin Jax and wanted to give him presents.  So he packed his backpack full of toys to give him.

 Not too excited for his new church clothes but he and Grayson can be twins in their orange pants!

 My parents got Jax a bicycle.  

 He wasn't too excited for his cake, who could blame him.  The poor kid really wanted to ride his new bike.  But the rest of us really wanted cake and ice cream!

Aiden's 6th Birthday

 This guy turned 6 in March.  His family party was a few days after his birthday so we did a little celebration at home.

First we took donuts to school that afternoon...It was a hit with all the kindergartners.

We heard phrases like, "These are the best donuts in the world!"   "I've never had a better donut then this one!"  "Aiden this is the best idea ever!"

And because one poor soul wasn't there, Adley and Grayson got to share a donut.

I wanted him to have a little present to unwrap so I got him these slippers.   They ended up being too small so he also got to unwrap his new crocs.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

St Patrick's Day Parade

Saturday, March 15th we went to the parade in Aggieville.   We went a few years ago and have never been able to go back so luckily for us we didn't have much going on that day and the weather was nice.  So we made it out.  We found the perfect spot and the boys got a ton of candy.   It was an interesting parade, a lot of interesting people were walking in it and a lot of very different organizations I had never heard of and didn't know were in Manhattan.  Let's just say, there was something for everyone!

After the parade, we invited 2 friends from Aiden's class to go to the Lego movie and have a little party for his birthday.  Adam braved taking all the kids to the lego movie and treated them to sodas and popcorn.  We then had them over to our house for hot dogs, brownies and ice cream.

Kindergarten Program

Aiden has his first school program in March.  He was so excited!  My camera was being a punk so all the photos are with my iPhone.  God bless Steve Jobs!

Damon and Xavier seemed to like it too.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Girl

Ive been meaning to post this for a month...I love to see how much she has grown.  She is getting to be such a big girl.