Friday, June 27, 2014

WSU Basketball Camp and Wichita Adventures

Damon loves basketball and really wanted to participate in some basketball camps this summer.  Unfortunately all the ones in the Manhattan areas were going to be held while he was out of town.  So we drove down to Wichita to go to WSU's camp.   He loved it and had a great time even though he didn't know anyone else that was there.

The camp was Monday - Thursday from 1-5:15pm which meant that I had to entertain 4 little ones while he was gone.  

Monday we went to lunch, Hobby Lobby, Bass Pro Shop and still spent over 2 hours in Target.

Tuesday we went to the zoo with my sister and Jax and Grandma Lois.

I think this is my favorite picture of Adley ever.

The boys...

The last hour we were there it started to rain on us.  Lois values her hairstyle a lot.

Wednesday morning before the camp we went to Chuck E Cheese with Charla and Jax and Jimmie's Diner for lunch.  My boys had never been there so we needed a milkshake!  After I took Damon to camp the rest of us went to Kohls and WalMart and then back to Charla's.  The boys all spent the night with Charla that night and had a great time.

Little miss was so tired she actually fell asleep all on her own in the little toddler bed and at some point fell out of bed and stayed asleep.

The last day of camp they did a little awards ceremony and Wu showed up.  Although I love WSU, Wu does not bring the same excitement as Willie the Wildcat.

And on the way home they all fell asleep...especially this little one who slept the whole way.

And we had a great time visiting with my parents.  I didn't realize until after that it had really been awhile since we have gone to El Dorado for a visit.  We always go for holidays or some family event but we hadn't been in awhile to just go so it was great to spend some time with the family and in the hometown.  Although I think El Dorado has the worse sidewalks.  I ran a couple days and I pretty much had to keep my head down the whole time so I wouldn't trip!