Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Evening at the Lake

We spent Friday evening at the lake with some friends.  Grilled, ate some yummy food and the boys had a great time fishing, exploring and kayaking.  We had a great time!  Can't wait to do it again.

Micro Soccer

In hopes to NOT have Aiden play baseball (sooooo sick of baseball games!) I really talked up soccer so Aiden would want to play it this summer.  This was my sad attempt to help him pick a different sport.  Unfortunately I forgot what a pain in the butt the parking situation was at the soccer fields and since I complained about it twice a week ever week for three weeks, I now have convinced Aiden that soccer sucks.  And it has also helped me change my opinion of baseball.  Even though I think baseball is a terribly boring game, at least I can park by the freaking fields and not push a stroller through grass and gravel for a mile.  

The last day of soccer, Aiden didn't even care to go so we skipped it.  See you in T-Ball next summer!

Uncle Gordon & Aunt Martha Come to Visit....

One of Adam's brothers and his wife came for a little visit over Father's Day weekend.  We had a great time with them.  Aiden was especially sad to see them go because, "Uncle Gordon is so funny!" but he is excited to come visit them in TX sometime since they do have a pool.

Gordon is a baby hog so he had Miss Adley most of the time, he shared her occasionally with Martha but not very much.  Here's a video of Adley and Uncle Gordon's bonding.  I missed most of her smiles and talking but it is still pretty cute.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dinosaur Petting Zoo

The Discovery Center was having a special member's only event (perfectly scheduled a week before our membership ran out) that included dinner.  Aidlen was very excited there were no dinosaur bones but they did have flyer of an upcoming Dinosaur Petting Zoo event that was happening on Monday.  So we had to come back!

One Monday, a company from Australia was doing a show at K-State that involved dinosaur puppets and the kids can interact with them.  During the day though they were at the museum for people to come in and see them then too.  They were also giving away dinosaur toys.  Aiden was in love.  

The puppets were really cool.  They made noises and blinked their eyes.  It reminded me of the Lion King play I saw in September. 
They were also giving away two tickets to the show that night and since there were not very many people there and we registered our family 6 times (the benefit of having 5 children!) we had very good odds.  And Damon won!  Damon and Xavier both had baseball games and so I took Aiden and Grayson to the show.  Aiden LOVED it.  Grayson was scared and cried the whole time.  But it was pretty cool and really impressive since it was all done by 3 people. 

Xavier's 10th Birthday

 Xavier turned the big 1-0 on the 4th of June.  We celebrated his birthday a few days earlier with family. 

 He wanted a Minecraft cake.  I had a different idea I wanted to try but he really wanted Steve so that is what we did.  Minecraft makes zero sense to me but I just heard from a friend that is one of the most educational games out there.  That makes me feel way better as a mom!

These cake pictures just made me laugh...he's such a shy and reserved child...

The weekend after Xavier's birthday he celebrated with a couple friends by going to the pool and coming home for root beer floats - one of his favorite things. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thomas the Train - Take 3

We took Damon and Xavier to Thomas the Train twice when they were Aiden and Grayson's age so it just seemed fair that it was time to take Aiden and Grayson.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that those two were not as into trains as Damon and Xavier were so it wasn't the same experience that we shared with their older brothers.  They still had a great time and riding on a huge Thomas the Train is still very exciting for little boys. 

The highlight of Thomas was probably the bounce houses.  This is the first time Grayson would actually do it.  There was one that was a slide and since it had been raining they got SO MUDDY!

We stripped them for the way home and made them ride back in their underwear so the van wouldn't get all muddy.