Monday, December 30, 2013

Damon turns 12

Damon turned 12 on the 18th but we waited to have his birthday party until after the holidays.  He did have some friends over earlier to watch a movie and eat a bunch of junk food.

But on Sunday, we first went to church and he was able to get the Aaronic Priesthood.  Adam ordained him in his office after sacrament meeting with Ben and Grandpa Little.

We then had a family party with a lunch.

Kelly did an amazing job at decorating his cake...I wish she would come to every party!

 He was so excited for a new white shirt!

 New dolphin football gloves
And he was most excited for the chance to cut his cake.  I don't know why 12 became the age of "cutting cake" but it did and he was so happy.  He seems to like growing up...I'm not such a big fan.  

Because this guy, will always be my baby boy...
even though I'm pretty sure he will be taller then me on his next birthday.  

Adley Lynn - 10 months

Little Miss is now 10 months old.  I don't think a year could go by faster then the year of a newborn.  I just can't believe she is almost 1!  

She is a sweet little thing.  She loves to be held and cuddled with.  She really enjoys attention and gets it practically every where we go.  She loves to crawl around on the floor, she is very busy and squirmy.  She likes to be apart of things.  Adley can pull herself up on furniture and is starting to cruise a little bit.  Her balance is starting to get better...but I think she still has a ways to go for walking.  

My friend Diane gave her this necklace at our church Christmas party, she loved it.  This girl loves bling.  She is always looking at my wedding ring, running her fingers through my necklaces, she loves glittery, shiny things.

 Diane also gave her a santa hat and she loved it.

The other day Grayson was wanting to take a nap with Adley.  It lasted about 30 seconds, but it was a cute 30 seconds.

 She got this super cute jean jacket from our friends the Wallentines.  I'm planning on her wearing it every day until its just threads.  I think its the cutest thing ever!

Love her! 

Little Miss also LOVES peek-a-boo.  If there is anything around that she can play peek-a-boo with, she will find it...blankets, stockings, skirts, laundry.  Her favorite game.  She loves it!

She also got her first doll for Christmas.  I was going to hold off and give her a doll for her first birthday but this little doll was so cute I couldn't wait.  Its a baby snow white doll.  I love it.  And Adley got the biggest grin when she opened it.  I hope she will love playing with dolls as she grows up!

The past couple of days, Adley has not been the best baby.  She is a whiney, crying mess!  She has a little bit of a cold and I'm assuming she's teething as well.  I'm hoping her misery will end soon because none of us are happy.  Adam keeps saying she is like me when she is sick (I don't handle illness well!)  And he might be right.  This morning she was coughing and when she stopped she let out this little pathetic cry.

Post Christmas Day

The day after Christmas, I took the boys to Target and to Dick's Sporting Goods to spend their Christmas money.  Legos was the theme of the shopping spree.  Adam had a work for a little bit in the morning.  And then we headed over to the Littles for our traditional Christmas dinner.  Kelly and Ben and the boys were there, which worked out well since Kelly made most of the meal!

After lunch we did a little bit of gift exchanging and then visited and played games the rest of the day.

Sad attempt of a cousin picture....

My little tradition to take pictures of the kids with their stockings.  We started this with Damon's first Christmas because he was just a week old and was the size of the stocking (maybe even smaller?!) and have just continued it.

 Adley just wanted to play with her's, she was not happy with me.  And she kept getting into the chocolate candy and covered herself in it which is why she is naked girl.

 I have to turn off my flash to keep Aiden from blinking, the color in this picture was so weird, it only looked remotely good in black and white.

Christmas Day

This was our first Christmas at our house and it was so nice to just be together and not to have to hurry from one thing to the next.  

Of course the boys got up early and were all ready to go.  Grayson was still out of it and we couldn't get him to wake up.  So Damon, Xavier and Aiden did their stockings first.  Then Grayson came down a little bit later and then pretty soon Miss Adley woke up to join the party too.  


Lockett liked his new toys from Santa too

 My Christmas Miracle...all 5 together and happy!!

 Miss loves playing peek-a-boo

 Playing the Ninja Turtle game

Adam took Damon, Xavier and Aiden sledding at the school.

While they were sledding, Grayson, Adley and I were busy building forts.

Presents for this year:
Adam: Socks and Ties 
Me: 2 Necklaces
Damon: Blanket, Nike hoodie, Book
Xavier: Blanket, Bugs, Shark Wars Books
Aiden: Blanket, Lego table, Hoodie
Grayson: Blanket, U-Build Fort Kit, PJs
Adley: Blanket, Baby Snow White

I made all the boys a fleece blanket with fabrics that they picked out.  I made Adley a flannel tag blanket.

We had the best Christmas lunch.  A friend of our makes awesome tamales so we had those, cilantro rice, fresh salsa and guacamole with chips.  It was all so good!