Monday, October 25, 2010

Do we have too many trains?

"Grayson is the Cutest Mormon"

that's what Xavier said to me Sunday morning after getting Grayson dressed.

Halloween Preview - Spooktacular

We have never gone to the zoo's "Spooktacular" before, I swear every year its just on Sunday but this year it was on Saturday and Sunday. But then when we got there the director told us that its always on both days. Why I did not know this, I have no idea but whatever!

We had a busy Saturday with practice for the Primary program, double baptism, and a church tour with the missionaries. (For all those non-members out there, if your curious of what a church tour is, we can hook you up! How's that for a missionary plug.)

After all that, we hurried home to get dressed up for the zoo. We had a Star Wars theme this year. With a Yoda...
an Anakin Skywalker..
a Captain Rex Stormtrooper and a Jawa (who with his gun looks more like a pissed off monk but he's still cute!)
All 4 of them...although after I took this pic I realized that they look like they are preparing to sacrifice Yoda. I assure you, that was not the case. Yoda is safe in his baby swing.
My favorite part of the zoo was Aiden shooting all the animals. Here he is killing the otters, just for you Aunt Kelly.
I tried to capture it on video but I could never get him to do it when it was on. Here's the best one I got.

And yes, after he shoots them, he yells bye.


Aiden does this thing where he stomps around the living room and runs into the wall. It is so loud you can hear it in any room of the house. The video doesn't do the sound justice.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Justin Bieber vs New Kids On The Block

Today the boys asked me if I liked Justin Bieber. I said, "Honestly boys, I don't know anything about Justin Bieber. I couldn't tell you one song that he sang." They both replied, "Oh momma, every girl in my class loves Justin Bieber." Then Xavier said, "I bet if they had to pick between Justin Bieber or New Kids on the Block, the New Kids would totally win." And Damon said, "Of course they would, there are 5 of them and only one Justin Bieber."

Our Fun Day

Adam has had some great things happen the past couple of weeks so his boss gave him Friday afternoon off. Since it wasn't raining like it was predicted, we went for a little hike with the boys. We decided to take them to the "Top of the World" which is also where Adam proposed to me just 13 years and 1 month ago.

We also had a fun trip to the mall, that included looking for a store that is no longer there, the bread store, driving through the Chevy dealership to look at a new car I want, and finishing with some chinese food for dinner. For such a simple day we really had a good time and I don't think we had to break up a fight once.
Although my favorite part, driving around town, listening to Maroon 5 and all of us singing along. I don't know if that is really appropriate or not for the boys but it was a lot of fun.

Grayson - 2 months

2 months have gone by with this little guy as a member of our family. He is starting to smile and coo and do all that good stuff that babies do as they get older. The best part, HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! YEAH! He now sleeps about 7-8 hours at night, take a quick bottle and go back to sleep for a couple more hours. Since I have suffered from some major sleep deprivation, it is the best thing he could have given me! (I've had migraines, vision problems, could not remember or concentrate on things, passed out, and had my face swell up from fluid which made me look like I got some bad plastic surgery and collagen injections!)

He went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 month appointment, which also included a round of shots as well. He now weighs 12lbs 2 oz and is 23.5 in. He gained 3 lbs since his 1 month appointment and grew an inch and a half.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blessing Day

Adam blessed Grayson on Sunday at church. If you are not familiar with LDS Baby Blessings, here's an article I wrote about it. After we had everyone over for lunch. I would have liked to have taken more pictures of our guests but it just didn't happen so here's the list of everyone that could come: My parents, Carrie & Jordan, Brenden, Charla & Jax, Adam's parents, his grandma, Ben & Kelly, and our friends Todd and Kari. Also, Adam's oldest brother Kevin and his wife were able to join us from St Joe.

I love these shoes, I bought them for Aiden but his feet were always so big, I think he wore them once.

My boys, I don't know why this picture is so grainy. But next time I try to take a picture of all four of them, I'm going to do it before Uncle Brenden comes over!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby #5?

It hit me just tonight why Adam and I have to have another baby and here's hoping we have another boy.

Halloween 2012 (maybe 2013)...
How great would my boys look dressed up as New Kids On The Block? I can see the overalls, big feathered hair, fake rat tails, and happy face jackets now. It almost makes me giddy with excitement to think of the possibilities. I better have the boys start growing their hair out now to prepare.

Oh but don't worry, we already decided IF the time comes and baby #5 is a girl, we can still dress her up as Joey!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shark Boy

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we went to a little pumpkin patch. There wasn't much there but it was enough to entertain the boys for an hour or so. They was a play set, petting zoo, corn maze, and some tractor tires and things like that for the boys to climb on.

Aiden loved playing on this horse.
Damon and Xavier ran through the corn maze a million times.
Xavier got to feed a baby calf.
The boys loved climbing on this tractor. They also set up some nice areas for pictures, which helped me actually get a couple of good pictures of all for kids. That's what we call a Halloween Miracle!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Baby

Grayson smiled for the first time on September 24 but today I was finally able to capture it. He is really starting to smile a lot's the cutest thing ever!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know it...

Xavier announced sometime ago, in all silliness, that he was going to marry a boy in his class whose name was Damon so that there would be two Damon Dolezals. Tonight we are going to a wedding reception which got the boys talking about marriage again. This was their conversation:

Damon to Xavier, "Are you still going to marry Damon?"
Xavier, "Yes."
Damon, "Are you gay?"
Xavier, "What does that mean?"
Damon, "That you're happy."
Xavier, "No, I'm not happy."
Damon, "Then you can't marry a boy."
Adam, "So you can only marry a boy if you are happy?"