Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The F Word

I was trying to decide to share this story but honestly, even though its crude its really funny.

So Xavier has a potty mouth friend that is wearing off on my little boy. Xavier isn't the first kid in his class to pick up his friend's bad habit but that doesn't mean he isn't being punished for this little incident.

Last week Xavier forgot his lunch and his teacher called me to see if I could bring it to him. Aiden, Grayson and I deliver the lunch to his classroom when his teacher comes out and asks to speak to me. This is not a good sign. She called Xavier out to to make him tell me what he did. He got a really big pouty face and started to tear up a bit when he said, "I said a bad word." Now sometimes on a playground some bad words are not really bad words. So I listened to him apologize about it and told him we would talk about it at home.

When he ran back into his classroom, I turned to the teacher to find out what the bad word is. Not only did he say the f-word but he said it twice! She then tells me about the little guy in his class that says these things all the time. And although they are working on it with him, other kids are still picking it up.

Later that night, Adam was talking to him about it at dinner. When Damon says, "I heard that Xavier said the f-word at school today." He then whispers to me, "Momma, I can't believe he said F-A-R-T. That is so inappropriate."

Grayson - 8 months

Grayson is 8 months (+ 6 days)! He has been the best baby but I keep reminding myself that it could change any minute. Aiden was also a good baby and look at that kid now!

He is a good little sleeper and a great shopping companion now that Aiden is in preschool during the afternoons. Here he is asleep at Wal-Mart...oh and he finally fits into his cute little orange sneakers. I think the angle of this shot makes his feet look bigger then they really are.

He is a happy little guy, especially if he has a little toy or something to chew on. He does have two teeth on the bottom now. He loves to eat his little puffs, cheerios, and regular baby food too. He also enjoys Panera's bread and pizza crust.
Occasionally this little poof of hair sticks up, I love it. He looks like a little cupie doll. I think he would have been my mom's favorite baby just for that reason.
He has also started to clap. He does it all the time, especially if other people are clapping. He sits up like a champ. Rolls and scoots where ever he needs to go (although he usually scoots himself against a wall and can't move, for some reason he is better at going backwards then forwards). He appears to be working on crawling. He will get up on all his hands and knees and rocks. I think its just a matter of time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was fantastic. The boys were very excited to get their goodies from the Easter Bunny. He brought fun things like candy, beach towels, goggles, small toys, and other little goodies. Unfortunately, the boys thought the bunny was Santa was were expecting to see a Nintendo DS and a Skateboard under their Easter basket. Then we had to remind them that no one will be bringing game systems into the house. So keep wishing!

Grayson, so stinking cute in his little Easter outfit. He might have to wear it every day!
Grayson again, he's not my favorite, I just love a baby in a hat.
This is the best we could do for group shots.
I think being outside was too distracting but when I tried to take more inside, they were so done with me.

Me and the boys...Adam was at a meeting so he missed family picture time.
After church Adam (and Aiden) grilled hot dogs for lunch. Later in the afternoon we went to his parents for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt at their house.

The boys get three Easter baskets every year. The Easter bunny is so generous he visits our house, my parents' house and Adam's parents house. We will be good on candy for quite some time!

Easter Egg Hunt

My amazing friend Diane who does not know how to think small decided to host a Easter egg hunt at her house and invite 50 of her best friends. I love having a friend who does everything big! We had so much fun hanging out, watching the kids run all over, and eating some yummy food. If for nothing else, it was worth it for the amazing cinnamon rolls that Annette Poulson makes.

The boys had a great time on the trampoline. Aiden loved laying down while Damon jumped around him.
Xavier coming back from the hunt. Each kid could get 20 eggs.

I think this is all of the kids, at least most of them.
And here are the parents. The dads were all at a campout for scouts so only a couple guys were there.

Good Friday Tradition

Friday the boys were suppose to have school but I think its wrong to go to school on Good Friday so they didn't! Instead we drove to my sister's house so we could dye Easter eggs together. We have done this for several years, its fun to get together and do something that we did growing up but now with our kids.

I didn't take enough pictures. There should be more but I kinda forgot I had my camera on me. I should have taken pictures of our Easter baskets we exchanged. Every year my sisters and I exchange baskets, I don't know why we do it. But its fun. Charla got me a really fun summer hat that I can wear on the beach for our vacation.

Here's Jax. He dyed one Easter egg and then just crawled around the rest of the time.

Aiden loves Easter eggs. He gets very into it. This year all his turned out green, which I assume is his favorite color. The kid doesn't talk so its a total guess.Damon working on his eggs. He took some time with his this year to make each one a masterpiece.
Xavier and his eggs.
Most of the kids at work. My sister invited one of her good friends to join us this year. This is her two kids, my niece Jordan, and Damon and Xavier.

Grayson was here too! Unfortunately, the only picture I took of him didn't turn out and he napped most of the time we were here.

Lois also came to visit for a little while and brought the kids their Easter baskets. Grayson got the cutest little lamb stuffed animal. And the big boys got bubbles that they blew the whole way home. I was hoping the people passing us on the road could see the bubbles coming out of the car. I bet it looked awesome.

***Forgot to mention how stupid I am some days...2 of the 3 dozen eggs we brought were not cooked! I grabbed the wrong eggs when I left that morning. It was fun on Saturday when I went to make eggs for breakfast and when I broke it open I found a perfectly cooked egg in the shell! Note for next year, WRITE ON THE BOX! Also funny, the 2 kids who had the uncooked eggs are not the 2 kids who should ever handle anything delicate EVER!

Damon Needs a Vacation

Damon's school program was last week. It was pretty cute, about the kids needing a vacation from school. Damon was "Billy Joe" and a fisherman. He had a couple of lines like, "But Mom!" and "I just need to go to the bathroom" or something like that. He had a good time with it and it was fun to watch.
Here is one of the songs. Damon really likes the hand motions, he gets a little into it.

Bergman Talent Show

Every year the boys' school has a talent show. For the first time, Damon decided to be apart of it. After a long discussion of what to do he decided to stick with what he knows and played the piano. He did really great and we are proud of him. However the talent show was truly awful experience so we pray that none of our children ever have the desire to do it again. No school program should last 3+ hours!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Playhouse

I decided to make Aiden a playhouse this year for his birthday. I had seen online many tutorial on how to make a cardtable playhouse and decided to give it a try. There is a reason someone sells these on Etsy for a lot of money...they are not easy! But it is done and hopefully it will last for all of our posterity because I will never get this month back!

This picture isn't great, its from my ipod. I wanted to show it finished. It wasn't quite done at the party. The mailbox has a little pocket inside so he can get mail.

The door open at the top. It has two windows and a tree. One day I might make apples and leaves to add the to tree. But right now I'm sick of looking at the thing.

I don't have pictures of the inside, but I put pockets in it so he can store toys or books in there.

The top is a car mat. All of the playhouses I've seen are just plain on top. I thought this would be a good idea, he can stand up and play with cars or trains on it. It has our house, Jim's, school, gas station, car wash and a zoo.

So far all of the boys have played in it so I think it was money/time well spent.