Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The F Word

I was trying to decide to share this story but honestly, even though its crude its really funny.

So Xavier has a potty mouth friend that is wearing off on my little boy. Xavier isn't the first kid in his class to pick up his friend's bad habit but that doesn't mean he isn't being punished for this little incident.

Last week Xavier forgot his lunch and his teacher called me to see if I could bring it to him. Aiden, Grayson and I deliver the lunch to his classroom when his teacher comes out and asks to speak to me. This is not a good sign. She called Xavier out to to make him tell me what he did. He got a really big pouty face and started to tear up a bit when he said, "I said a bad word." Now sometimes on a playground some bad words are not really bad words. So I listened to him apologize about it and told him we would talk about it at home.

When he ran back into his classroom, I turned to the teacher to find out what the bad word is. Not only did he say the f-word but he said it twice! She then tells me about the little guy in his class that says these things all the time. And although they are working on it with him, other kids are still picking it up.

Later that night, Adam was talking to him about it at dinner. When Damon says, "I heard that Xavier said the f-word at school today." He then whispers to me, "Momma, I can't believe he said F-A-R-T. That is so inappropriate."


Unknown said...

Some day you'll have to ask Todd about his bad word at school... :)

Unknown said...

It's sad that sometimes those words are all some children hear. We have a little girl who sings a song that was released 2 years ago called Brithday S**. Altough she gets in trouble it frustrates me to no end that for that five seconds she's influencing some one elses child.

Gamble Gang said...

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed your posts lately! :) They make me smile!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your post cracked me up! The joys of school. I think your son will get a kick out of this post when he is older, assuming, of course, he doesn't still have a potty mouth. :)