Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

...and to help me feel better about myself...found this on MSN today so I take that as a sign...

Why Women Over 30 Are Sexy

As a 30-something woman, she worries that guys aren't into her type, but several male friends set her straight and reveal that women over thirty may be even more attractive than the 20-somethings she is intimidated by.

I recently e-mailed a bunch of my male friends to ask them what they thought of my flirting fears. Was I right to think that men would never be interested in having me — a 30-something woman who might not be particularly attractive — approach them randomly when there's a world full of hot 20-somethings pretty enough to be reality TV-show stars floating around New York at all times whom those dudes could be talking to instead?

No! As it turns out, I was wrong! My stupendous friends straightened me out, and told me why they think 30-somethings are sexy — and often, for them, even more appealing than younger women. (Now, for all you 20-somethings who are reading, I hope you know this is not meant to alienate you; the assumption here is that you've got the natural beauty of youth on your side. And I actually think my guy friends have a few insights that apply generally to what's sexy, that would be interesting for women of all ages.)

34-year-old Raoul Djukanovic* says: Why would I talk to someone over 30? Well, because I'm over 30. But I'd talk to anyone who talked to me with spirit, young or old. If someone's being open and sincere, that's attractive.

Johnny Gilbane, 36: I'm all about women over 30 — because they have realized, like I have, that relationships aren't perfect. I think a lot of younger women are constantly attempting to model their lives and relationships after some unattainable ideal. So I'll take a 35-year-old, Harper's-reading, well-dressing, book-toting, glasses-wearing woman any day of the week. And twice on Sunday. So long as she's retained the one trait that 26-year-old women have in spades: reckless abandon about being in love.

Christopher Gambrills, 26: I've been attracted to older women in the past when they made no apologies about their age. They didn't try to look or act any younger than they felt. There's something graceful about that — about being at ease with yourself and the world. And crow's-feet can be sexy. Looking like you've lived and know something about the world is sexy, at least to me.

Mike Parkwood, 34: Far more women in their 30s know what they're talking about when they say they're looking for serious relationships. Older women are less likely to have idiosyncratic rules about what men should and shouldn't do. They know that relationships involve compromises, silent and spoken negotiations, mutual respect, and equal power. Younger women don't understand that stuff, in general, as well as women in their later 20s and 30s do.

There you have it. Straight from completely sincere men who live all over the world — Raoul's a researcher in London; it's Chicago for lawyer Johnny (who's newly single if you want his number); Christopher, a poet whose first book will be out in 2010, currently resides in Minneapolis; and Mike, a professor, lives right near me, here in Brooklyn, although he's currently off in Australia doing some research.

One of the bazillion things I like about talking to my guy friends, and hearing their take on things, is that it reminds me that — despite the bad rap they sometimes get when we've had a few too many bad dates or non-starter "relationships" in a row — boys are just like us! Or, at least, that they're not all a bunch of commitment-phobic sex maniacs. They are — at least a good number of them are — sweet, caring, affectionate humans who crave real connection and lasting, meaningful relationships. They can also often be pretty darn cute.

*Names have been changed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Field Day

The boys had Field Day today. They had a great time. Adam got to come for about an hour of it during his lunch break. It was pretty hot and windy but it went pretty quickly.

The boys had a good time and did well running. I dont think they really lost except for the 3-legged race which they both lost horribly at. They should have known that you have to go in with a plan on the 3-legged race. That is what me and Mrs Fortney did and we came in 3rd. Although in Xavier's defence, he was paired up with the biggest kid in the entire school. The kid is twice his size and it was hilarious to see this huge kid dragging Xavier down the field.

Mrs Fortney told me that yesterday they were talking about going to the library. Damon said he liked to check out the Eyewitness books. When asked why his answer was, "Because they teach you things."

Aiden handled sitting in the stroller for two solid hours pretty well. Damon's class kept him entertained and Xavier's class ate all of his cheerios.

When we got home I decided to take pictures of my peonies that just bloomed this week. Damon said to me as he walked into the house, "I don't care to see your panties blooming.'

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you "Into It"

Tonight, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce hosted a "Into It" get together for the city. There were several booths set up to get information on the many different things available in our town. Quite honestly, I didn't realize all these museums around town are completely free...we might have to visit this summer...we'll see if it actually happens. The boys got their face painted and we were able to ride on a "train" around the pond. Aiden hated the train ride, even though he was fully prepared with his train overalls.

The funniest thing, this wacko lady was literally carrying 4 (FOUR!) chihuahua puppies in her arms. Then the wack-job would set them down to sign up for different things. Of course they would be running all over the place and then she had to find them to gather them all up. I took the cute little black one off her hands (I don't even like chihuahuas but I'm a sucker for a puppy!) and was holding him for a while. I gave him back to her but in hind sight I think I could have gotten a free dog. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have noticed me carrying him off.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flowers and Xavier

I love this flower but it is in a weird spot in my yard so I usually miss it's bloom. Glad to finally capture it. I "stole" these from a neighbor when she moved. Technically, she told me to go over and take anything from her garden before she left. I felt funny doing it while they were still in the house, but once they moved, I took a lot!
The Columbine just make me laugh. They are by my mailbox and my sister told me one time to watch them because they might shoot my kids. It makes me laugh everytime. We are sick individuals in our family, judge away!

I actually hate this flower, I've been trying to kill them for the past 8 years, they keep coming back in full force. Its blurry on the edges because the wind is blowing.
I hate this bush too but the white flowers make me happy, the only reason I keep the ugly thing.
Now for Xavier...
So on Sunday Xavier and I had the following conversation about his birthday. (Which was Mother's day and seemed like the perfect time for Xavier to tell me what he wanted for his birthday. Probably the reason why he wrote in my Mother's Day card, "I love you because you buy me birthday presents.")
First off he changed what he wanted on his cake. He orginally wanted a panda cake with the great wall of china and bamboo. I actually figured out a way to somehow create this masterpiece and now he has picked Star Wars...AGAIN. He did have a Star Wars cake last year but it wasn't too great considering the fact that I was too busy praying for my death, so completely miserable with stomach pain. So this year he has picked Star Wars again but he wants the little Star Wars toys not the big ones like last year because, "They suck and broke."
On his birthday list he has decided (and I have to post this because his comments with them were just too funny):
  1. Submarine with 2 guys, "So one could be bait."
  2. 2 Great White Sharks
  3. 20 pack of Gormitis, "But I'm not sharing them with Damon."
  4. Rhino from Spiderman, "Because Damon broke the head off of mine you made me throw it away."
  5. Superman
  6. "Oh yeah, some more 3d chalk too."

UPDATE: Xavier has now decided that he wants a Star Trek cake....since that is what Uncle Brenden likes...I have a feeling this is going to be changing up until the day of the party.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love this message, it is truly for all women.

It makes me want to "create."

Mother's Day

Good thing we took this...
Because this happened at Church today...Aiden tried to tackle a corner, the corner a lot! I think Aiden really does need a helmet.

It then turned into this...atleast the fat lips went down...poor baby...

We went to celebrate Mother's day at the Littles. Adam and Don made us a great chicken dinner, with mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and brownies for dessert. They did great!
The boys played the piano pieces for everyone and then it was present time!

Thanks for the great day boys!!!

Lois' Birthday

So we went to El Dorado yesterday for a cookout to celebrate Lois' birthday. We had a good time spending the evening with my family. Plus my dad made rhubarb pie which is my favorite!

On the way home I took these pictures of the boys. Aiden was falling asleep and I covered him with his little blue jacket. He then decided it was a toy and began to play with it. He kept putting it on his head like a hat. Xavier loved having his picture taken in the complete dark of the highway, while Damon thought the flash was too bright...but Damon was sick so that could have been part of it too.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Uncle Ben

Turn up the volume everyone...its time to celebrate!

FYI...this was Adam's idea.

Friday, May 1, 2009

For James

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a good one and that Ashley treats you well...

And yes, this is all you're getting from us...Loves!

And Ben...any guesses on what you will be getting tomorrow for your birthday?