Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Field Day

The boys had Field Day today. They had a great time. Adam got to come for about an hour of it during his lunch break. It was pretty hot and windy but it went pretty quickly.

The boys had a good time and did well running. I dont think they really lost except for the 3-legged race which they both lost horribly at. They should have known that you have to go in with a plan on the 3-legged race. That is what me and Mrs Fortney did and we came in 3rd. Although in Xavier's defence, he was paired up with the biggest kid in the entire school. The kid is twice his size and it was hilarious to see this huge kid dragging Xavier down the field.

Mrs Fortney told me that yesterday they were talking about going to the library. Damon said he liked to check out the Eyewitness books. When asked why his answer was, "Because they teach you things."

Aiden handled sitting in the stroller for two solid hours pretty well. Damon's class kept him entertained and Xavier's class ate all of his cheerios.

When we got home I decided to take pictures of my peonies that just bloomed this week. Damon said to me as he walked into the house, "I don't care to see your panties blooming.'


Tricia said...

I don't care if your panties are blooming either. Maybe that is something to show Adam :)