Sunday, November 30, 2008


Everyone wants to play in it but no one wants to fold it!


About a month ago I was contected by the president/CEO of a magazine that wanted to use part of one of my articles for an article. It was very exciting, even more exciting when the check came! It will be in the February edition.

Merry Thanksmas

We had a great Thanksgiving with family this weekend. We also did a little bit of Christmas since we won't have Ben and Kelly or Ashley and James this year for Christmas. So turkey, stuffing, and to love that!

Saturday after we had out family pictures taken we also got our Christmas tree. We always go to Gallaher Tree Farm. I think we have gone there for our Christmas trees for 8 or years. They have beautiful trees and a great family business.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

(See Adam, I don't let the kids stand, jump, wrestle on the furniture when you are not home, I have no idea what you are talking about!)

And He Does...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Raining Water

I never posted this video from when we were in Dallas during Labor Day weekend.

Xavier loved this fountain and got as close as physically possible without getting in the fountain itself.

And yes my smart little boy says, "Its like its raining water."


Adam and I are not dancers however we have created three fantastic dancers. They can do ballet, break dance, tap, air guitar, as well as the most impressive, the "Snoopy" dance.

The boys love this song.

However, Aiden prefers Brittney.

Mother of the Year

Yes he is eating a leaf. Yes I grabbed my camera and shot a couple pictures before I took it from him. But after I got the above cute shot, I did crawl under the table to get the leaf from him. That makes me a little better of a mother right?

So what would you do?

Your parents decide to get new carpet and move (with the help of Todd) all the furniture out of the living room. So what would you do with all that wide open space?

If you are Xavier you build a very large train track.


Yesterday, Damon was pushing the vacuum out of the closet in the living room and says, "That's the way I roll." I guess we are just that hip in this family.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Start of the concert.


Dirty Dancing.

Donnie's Butt. (Remember Tricia took all my pictures so this is her fault.)


Step by Step.

Hangin Tough.

I know I'm a really big dork but I don't care...I had a fabulous time!

My NKOTB Hangover

Last night I got so drunk on New Kids on the Block. It was a strong drink that I had not had since I was 12.

I screamed like a teenage girl. I waved my hand in the air like I didn't care. I even got out on the floor and did the New Kids dance.

I have never felt more my age this morning then I ever have before. My entire body aches. My hands hurt from clapping, my feet from dancing, my neck is totally stiff, my throat is killing me, and I have a terrible headache from pure exhaustion. Staying out until 3 am is not made for this 30 year old mother of 3.

But I had the most fabulous time. It was every thing a girl needs for a great concert. A good friend to go with, great seats, an awesome group that I love, and new concert friends to dance with...I don't think it gets much better than this!

Here are my many pictures...I'm working on the videos.

Also, Natasha Bedingfield opened which I didn't know and that was a great surprise. She also set up in one of the sections for people to come by and get her autographed. Which I thought was really cool but didn't go because I didn't want to take the chance of missing my men.

And yes I know I'm a big dork and you all are just jealous that you missed seeing the five hardest working kids in show business!

Good Citizen

Every week 5 kids from Damon's school are awarded "The Good Citizenship" award. And a couple weeks ago Damon was awarded with it. He got an award and a t-shirt.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just what I need...

Guess what Aiden learned today...

His two front teeth are coming in now and I'm pretty sure he is getting two more on the bottom.

On Saturday Adam was at meetings in Salina all day so it was my turn to give the boys a bath. I let them stay up just a tad bit later so we could watch The I threw them all in the bath tub together. As you can tell, Aiden was a little scared so we heard him along to get him out of there. Plus Damon and Xavier were nervous that he was going to pee on them...but all was safe!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was looking at old pictures today. I came across this one of Damon from 2006. What a silly little boy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Reunion

We had a little family reunion on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately it wasn't a big turnout. But it was good to catch up with those who were able to attend. Plus there were smores and I LOVE smores!

Random Cute Pictures of Aiden


Well soccer is finally over. Damon really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun playing with his team. Here are some random pictures from the season.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bath Time

Aiden loves to splash in the bathtub. As soon as he is in the tub it is non stop kicking. He will usually splash so much it gets up in his mouth and eyes. You would think it would hurt his feet how hard he kicks the bathtub.

Words I'm Sick of Hearing...

1. Change
2. Maverick

Can we stop using these words now? I'm done with them.

I'm feeling very mixed today. I was raised in a home that is very patriotic. I was raised to always support your country and therefore, its leaders. I was also raised in a very christian home. To pray, read your scriptures, attend church, and to follow God's guidance.

I have a very strong bad feeling about Obama. I do. I can't control it, just an instinct that I have. I was talking to a leader in our Church yesterday and I shared with him this feeling that I have. He asked me, "You feel that he is evil?" "Yes" He said to me, "I assure you that he is, but there is nothing he can do. Plus, there is always safety when following Heavenly Father."

Words that I definitely believe and I'm extremely grateful to have a prophet on the earth today to help lead us as well. But I keep pondering to myself, how do I support a president that I feel is evil?

I love my country and even though there are things I believe haven't been handled well, I support the goodness that I believe is still here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love October

My Halloween articles are HOT on Google so October is always a good month on my site. But this year was a record.

If only Christmas was as good for me...shouldn't we dress up as pirates and witches to celebrate Jesus' birth? Spread the word, lets start a new tradition!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Superheros

The boys had a great time this Halloween.

The first pictures are from our Church party this past Wednesday. Since the church doesn't want masks I painted the boys faces.

Adam wanted me to show a close up of Xavier's face, so here it is...

There was also a chili contest that I just by the way happened to win one of the ribbons, Most Flavorful Chili. Thank you very much! "Who would have thought the vegetarian chili would be the most flavorful." Too bad no one else ate it but us and the judges! Vegetarian scares sooo many people and quite honestly, it was even vegan! People would have freaked!

Anywhos, Friday night we took the boys trick or treating. They had a good time and got way too much candy.