Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Words I'm Sick of Hearing...

1. Change
2. Maverick

Can we stop using these words now? I'm done with them.

I'm feeling very mixed today. I was raised in a home that is very patriotic. I was raised to always support your country and therefore, its leaders. I was also raised in a very christian home. To pray, read your scriptures, attend church, and to follow God's guidance.

I have a very strong bad feeling about Obama. I do. I can't control it, just an instinct that I have. I was talking to a leader in our Church yesterday and I shared with him this feeling that I have. He asked me, "You feel that he is evil?" "Yes" He said to me, "I assure you that he is, but there is nothing he can do. Plus, there is always safety when following Heavenly Father."

Words that I definitely believe and I'm extremely grateful to have a prophet on the earth today to help lead us as well. But I keep pondering to myself, how do I support a president that I feel is evil?

I love my country and even though there are things I believe haven't been handled well, I support the goodness that I believe is still here.


Anonymous said...

I am SO relieved I'm not the only one that thinks Obama is evil. Thanks for posting your experience! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the only proper time to use the term Maverick is when we are talking about the movie Top Gun. And the only time we can talk about Change is when I go to the store and they are giving me money back.

And while I don't feel that Obama is evil, he frightens me as President. But the thing that makes me feel better is that there are many, many good people in government that will be doing good and influencing those that do bad things. So feel better knowing that evil is not unchecked.

Besides, Presidents are a lot like CEOs - they are an external head of the organization and have very little real power. The have people that work for them that actually carry-out (or don't carry-out) their wishes.

cd said...

Very true Todd...that is what is keeping my sanity.

No Ashley, you are not alone!

I did mean to post Damon's reaction when I told him Obama was president. He started to cry and asked, "Is he going to take all my money?" I said, "No just your mom's and dad's." Tears stopped immediately, "Oh OK."

the doze said...

It's interesting to read how you described your initial reaction. Mine was very similar. I want to support my country, but I also have an uneasy feeling about having Obama as President. Maybe the super liberals will finally be quiet when they see that having a Democratic president won't alleviate the current recession any better than having a Republican president will.

Shirley said...

I am feeling like why did he get President of the United States-he is so evil that i am not ready to accept this evil man I will pray for our nation & hope that our country will be OK..Shirley