Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My NKOTB Hangover

Last night I got so drunk on New Kids on the Block. It was a strong drink that I had not had since I was 12.

I screamed like a teenage girl. I waved my hand in the air like I didn't care. I even got out on the floor and did the New Kids dance.

I have never felt more my age this morning then I ever have before. My entire body aches. My hands hurt from clapping, my feet from dancing, my neck is totally stiff, my throat is killing me, and I have a terrible headache from pure exhaustion. Staying out until 3 am is not made for this 30 year old mother of 3.

But I had the most fabulous time. It was every thing a girl needs for a great concert. A good friend to go with, great seats, an awesome group that I love, and new concert friends to dance with...I don't think it gets much better than this!

Here are my many pictures...I'm working on the videos.

Also, Natasha Bedingfield opened which I didn't know and that was a great surprise. She also set up in one of the sections for people to come by and get her autographed. Which I thought was really cool but didn't go because I didn't want to take the chance of missing my men.

And yes I know I'm a big dork and you all are just jealous that you missed seeing the five hardest working kids in show business!


Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna lie... I'm totally jealous.

Paul and Christy Johnson said...

You are the coolest. I am not a NKOTB fan, but my next door neighbor went and she sounded like you described the next day when I saw her. She said she had such a great time. I can only imagine an arena filled with 30 something women screaming their lungs out over their teenage hearthrobs. If only their husbands could have seen them. They would be proud!!!!!
I am glad Adam secure with himself.
Ha ha! I am glad you had a good time.