Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Husbands

Sunday I was getting ready for church. I had planned my entire outfit around my way too cute shoes that I just got. I was planning on wearing a teal shirt I bought several months ago but have never worn. I put it on, the boys are in the room with me, I ask them, "What do you think?" Damon says, "It looks nice." Xavier says, "You look pretty." I say (more to myself then to them), "I think I look fat." Both boys, at the same time with no hesitation, say, "No momma, you look skinny."

My future daughters in law better thank me for raising the boys to be good husbands.

Baby Squirrel

Friday when I was leaving the Littles after my workout, Karen asks me to come and look at this little animal she found. Honestly, it took us a while and a phone call to figure out it was a baby squirrel. (Thanks Charla) It was really adorable. The pictures don't show how cute this little guy really was. He stretched just like a little baby does...I was in love.
We had no idea what to do so I call my sister who is a vet tech. She told me to call KSU. She also said he would probably die because he was so young. So after that phone call, I take the little guy to the vet school. They told me he was pretty little and most likely would pass away. It made me so sad. I know that is silly but I was attached to this little guy already.
Yesterday I called to find out how he was doing and to see how old he was. They said he was about 2 weeks old and that he was doing excellent. They released him over to the Wildlife Rehab Center so that he can have a normal little squirrel life. I was so excited.
So please watch out for squirrels might be my new little friend.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aiden: 4 months old

Aiden is now 4 months old. Sometimes it feels like he has been apart of our lives forever and other times like we just brought him home from the hospital and I can't believe he is this big. He had his 4 month appointment today and got his shots, still hates that. He now weighs 15 lbs and 8 oz. He is now 25 1/4 inches long. He has gain 7 lbs and grown 4 inches...WOW! What a Big Bald Baby!
He is eating solid foods and had his first taste of apple juice today as well. He can kinda hold his own bottle. He is such a good and happy baby. He smiles constantly, doesn't mind the boys dragging him around the house, and I finally found his tickle spot and it is just the cutest thing ever. And just tonight he started to roll over from back to stomach.
We feel really blessed to have him in our family.

Riley County Fair

Yesterday we went to the Riley County Fair. Unfortunately, Damon was way too tall for the rides he wanted to ride and too, shall we say, chicken to ride the rides he could ride.

So here is Xavier on the cars...

Xavier on the little roller coaster...

He was totally freaked out. He never cried but I'm prety sure he was yelling stop the whole time.

Here is Damon sobbing because he can't ride the cars or the little roller coaster. It's really tough to be big for your age.

I really REALLY wanted to ride the octopus, its my favorite ride. I finally talked/dragged/bribed Damon to go on it with me. He told me before hand that he would do it but he won't like it...and he told the truth on that one.

Damon sobbing as we get in.

Damon crying as we get started.

Damon crying as we are going around and around.

And he was still crying as it ended and we left the carnival rides. I have to admit, I think I'm too old for the octopus, I really wanted to throw up after.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Aunt Kelly...wanna do lunch?

What's for supper? Avocados!

hmmm....maybe I like avocados....

I do, I like avocados...
but they make me sleepy...

(I love his little hand on the tray.)

For some reason, I have decided to make baby food for Aiden. We haven't made too much yet since we are just getting started on solids. Honestly, it has been really fun, maybe I'm just weird.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mini Golf

Since it was our last day to have Jordan with us we tried to make it a fun day. That morning we had a pool party for the church so we got to go swimming. Adam got Jordan to go off the high dive (he had to pay her $5 but she did it). Our friends Todd and Kari came too with their nephew that was visiting. We had a good time...thanks mormons for renting the pool!

After lunch one of our favorite places (4th St. Cafe, yum!) we went to mini golf. We had a good time. Some cute pics of the boys with Jordan...who they slightly worship.

The start of mini golf...he was just chilling out and playing with his hands.

Xavier, Jordan and Damon...the sun was hurting Xavier's eyes. It wasn't earlier, just when the camera was on him...hmmm...

Jordan trying for a whole in didn't happen....sorry girl.
Finally...its very hard to get one picture of three kids all looking at the camera, epecially when two of them are mine...its a constant battle...

The hardest hole on the course, Adam gets a hole in one. I had one previously so it was ok.
The end of mini golf...what a good baby!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Damon had his last T-ball game. He really liked it. He did somethings that were just sooooo cute, that Adam and I both loved.

Damon and his team....

Damon ready to run...

Damon workin 3rd base...

Taking a break...

One final pep talk...

Damon getting his certificate and team picture. They also had yummy yummy cupcakes. (I should know, I ate 3 of them...thats right...THREE! I was hungry!)

Part of our fan club. Grandma and Grandpa Little were there along with Aunt Ashley, Jim and Jan Sipes and my niece Jordan who was staying with us for the week.

What a great shot of Jordan huh? Xavier ran off with my camera and took this picture. It made me laugh. I think she enjoyed herself a little more then this picture shows.

Damon hitting...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I planted these lilies several years ago. However, it seems like they always bloom when we are out of town or something because I always miss them blooming. This year, I finally saw them. I love the white, they are my favorite. I think I have yellow ones too that haven't bloomed yet...I better check on them so I don't miss them either!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Damon Vader and a little weekend getaway...

On our way to Texas, Damon put the DVD case on his head and started to breathe and talk like Darth Vader, it was pretty funny.

For some dumb reason, I didn't really take any pictures of our trip this weekend, so I'll just have to bore you with details.

Wednesday night we went to my parents. We hadn't been there for a long time so it was time for a visit. Thursday we went to lunch with Carrie, Charla, Jordan and Lois. After we went to the pool. It was weird to be there with my two sisters, along with our children and Adam. We lived at that pool as kids. Its two blocks from my parents' house so we walked there everyday as soon as it opened and walked home when it was closing. That night my Dad took us to Beijings, my favorite chinese restaurant (its my fav because it is the best! Only one other chinese restaurant has compared to the greatness of Beijings).

Friday we left for TX. Gordan and Martha had a barbeque at their house for everyone. Many of our family in TX haven't seen Aiden so it wa fun to show him off. I think Gordan and Martha would have kept him.

Saturday, Kelly and I shopped our feet off! She introduced me to the greatness of Ikea. I found cute shoes at DSW but didn't buy them until I got home off the internet (actually I bought heels in the same print of slings that I found at DSW...they are way new fav pair). That night we went to dinner with the guys to a yummy mexican sandwich place.
Sunday we went to church to hear Alex talk about his mission. We were surprised to see Adam's brother Kevin there who had just had heart surgery in June. After church we went to Janna and Marty's for lunch before heading home.
It was so great to see so many of our friends and family!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now thats a smile...

With some help from Xavier (hitting him in the head repeatedly with a pillow while wrestling around), Damon finally lost his other top tooth.
By the way...that is not blood on his shirt, its popsicle....Xavier can be mean but not that mean!

Monday, July 14, 2008


So I watched my friend Tricia's kids and her guy Rees brought over a toad that he caught at their storage shed. When they were leaving they gave the little critter to Xavier who was very excited to have a pet. Thanks Tricia. Luckly, I talked Xavier into letting it go for the good of the toad. We HAD to take pictures of him though for Xavier to always remember him. He was a cute little thing, about the size of my thumb.


Playin with Picasa last night...kinda fun...

New things...

Saturday Damon wanted to buy school supplies while we were at Target. So I asked him later if he was ready to start school and he said, "Yea, I want to learn new things."

Sunday morning Damon was up when Adam was eating breakfast and reading his scriptures. So Damo wanted breakfast and sat at the table with his scriptures too. He asked Adam, "Dad, do you read your scriptures out loud or in your head?" Adam said in his head. Damon says back to him, "yeah, me too."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Paris Tower

We went to Target today and were looking at the frames. Xavier sees a picture something like this one...
He says, "Oh Daddy, look, that's the Paris tower. That tower is in Paris."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slipping and Sliding

And no...they didn't even have to mow the lawn once to get a slip-n-slide!

Aiden's a big helper...

Aiden helped me fold the laundry yesterday. This is how it went...

"Do you need help with the laundry Momma?"

"I would love to help fold the laundry. Yeah!!!"

Here's Aiden hard at work folding the socks.

Here's Aiden drooling all over the socks. (They were all Adam's so who cares if they are a little wet right?)

Here is Aiden so sad that the laundry is finished.

Don't worry little A...there will be more on Saturday!

Its nice to have one boy in my house willing to do laundry. Do you think Aiden can train the other 3???

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What you looking at??

So Aiden is one of the few babies in the world that hates his swing. He prefers to not move. Just laying on a blanet...good. Standing up (with help of course)...good. Sitting...good. As long as movement is not involved we are happy little boy. So we took down the swing and got him this little thing...

he's a little too young for it but atleast he can stand up and sit in it.

The other day I was sitting at the table, look over to see him like this...I'm guessing he was looking at the fan (even though it wasn't moving) but I honestly have no idea why he was like this. It looked really uncomfortable, but he seemed rather fine with it.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

So our new little tradition is to spend the day at The Legends shopping area in KC. We took the boys to the T-Rex shop to get some dinosaurs. We ate lunch at Dave and Busters. We had a great time playing games. And of course hit a couple stores for some shopping! I really love The Legends area. We always have a great time. There is great food and great shopping. How can you go wrong???

After we went home and had our other tradition, spending the evening at The Little's grilling hamburgers and brats and of course fireworks.
Damon and Xavier enjoying the "show"...

It was a long, tiring day, but we had a great time!
Here is one of our fireworks...