Sunday, July 20, 2008

Damon Vader and a little weekend getaway...

On our way to Texas, Damon put the DVD case on his head and started to breathe and talk like Darth Vader, it was pretty funny.

For some dumb reason, I didn't really take any pictures of our trip this weekend, so I'll just have to bore you with details.

Wednesday night we went to my parents. We hadn't been there for a long time so it was time for a visit. Thursday we went to lunch with Carrie, Charla, Jordan and Lois. After we went to the pool. It was weird to be there with my two sisters, along with our children and Adam. We lived at that pool as kids. Its two blocks from my parents' house so we walked there everyday as soon as it opened and walked home when it was closing. That night my Dad took us to Beijings, my favorite chinese restaurant (its my fav because it is the best! Only one other chinese restaurant has compared to the greatness of Beijings).

Friday we left for TX. Gordan and Martha had a barbeque at their house for everyone. Many of our family in TX haven't seen Aiden so it wa fun to show him off. I think Gordan and Martha would have kept him.

Saturday, Kelly and I shopped our feet off! She introduced me to the greatness of Ikea. I found cute shoes at DSW but didn't buy them until I got home off the internet (actually I bought heels in the same print of slings that I found at DSW...they are way new fav pair). That night we went to dinner with the guys to a yummy mexican sandwich place.
Sunday we went to church to hear Alex talk about his mission. We were surprised to see Adam's brother Kevin there who had just had heart surgery in June. After church we went to Janna and Marty's for lunch before heading home.
It was so great to see so many of our friends and family!