Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Squirrel

Friday when I was leaving the Littles after my workout, Karen asks me to come and look at this little animal she found. Honestly, it took us a while and a phone call to figure out it was a baby squirrel. (Thanks Charla) It was really adorable. The pictures don't show how cute this little guy really was. He stretched just like a little baby does...I was in love.
We had no idea what to do so I call my sister who is a vet tech. She told me to call KSU. She also said he would probably die because he was so young. So after that phone call, I take the little guy to the vet school. They told me he was pretty little and most likely would pass away. It made me so sad. I know that is silly but I was attached to this little guy already.
Yesterday I called to find out how he was doing and to see how old he was. They said he was about 2 weeks old and that he was doing excellent. They released him over to the Wildlife Rehab Center so that he can have a normal little squirrel life. I was so excited.
So please watch out for squirrels might be my new little friend.


the doze said...

That's just crazy. It doesn't even look like a squirrel. It looks more like a rubber toy or something. But, you are my hero for saving this little guys life.

cd said...

Your mom is the real hero...she is the one brave enough to put him in the box. I loved him but that kinda seemed gross to me!