Saturday, November 28, 2009

If this is Global Warming, I'm all for it!

We walked to the park today and let the boys play for a little bit.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Going to Work...

Aiden dressed up in Adam's tie and jacket when Adam came home for lunch. He even kissed us good bye and headed straight for the door. It's nice to have a kid that wants to work!

Thomas Lives On

Aiden has loved playing with the Thomas the Train tent that Damon and Xavier got many years ago for Christmas. It is out daily. Thanks Ben and Kelly for the great gift!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

FYI...We moved

In case you didn't know that. We moved into a new house in our same neighborhood and we love it. We are finally getting settled in and paint will be going up soon (already have my orange kitchen!). The boys love their new room and the new walk to school. But I think their favorite thing is the culdesac to play in.

Since we have had awesome weather (until today) we have spent a lot of time outside playing. We also have no grass so having a culdesac to play in is nice. The boys love riding bikes down the hill, they can't wait for snow so they can go sledding on it.
Aiden insisted on wearing a helmet.
Damon getting ready to go down the hill.

Xavier going...and gone...

He was so funny with the helmet, he insisted on having it tilted forward like this and then every so often he would tilt it back to see.

Halloween...Trick or Treating

We made it home from Omaha just in time to get back in the car to go trick or treating. (Our trick or treating schedule is getting a little out of hand and it just might have to change next year, no offense anyone!)

Here are the boys in their store-bought costume glory. Damon was Snake Eyes from GIJoe, Xavier was Optimus Prime and Aiden was a Dragon (the cutest dragon EVER I might add).
Here's Damon with his pumpkin...
The boys one more time...

Aiden in all his dragon cuteness...
We first went to our friends Todd and Kari's house. Normally we trick or treat their neighborhood (which is crazy packed) but we didn't have time this year to do much actual trick or treating. Next we stopped by the Lewis' house for their traditional Halloween party. They made homemade donuts which were awesome and since they were made from potato dough I decided they were vegetables and I could eat how ever many that I wanted. So I did. We then went to Great Grandma's place. The boys, especially Aiden, loved all the Halloween decorations that were out. After that we went to Adam's bosses house. Then we finally went to Grandma and Grandpa Littles. I felt bad that the boys didn't get to actually trick or treat anywhere. So we went to 3-4 houses on their block. It was after 9 then so we were the last of the last at that time.
Anyway, they were cute and they had fun and that's all that matters.

Halloween...The actual day

Friday night before Halloween we went to Omaha to go to the temple. The next day as we were driving home we stopped in some small town outside of Omaha at a Pumpkin Patch. The had a hay rack ride, a bunch of hay bales to jump on, a nature walk, and playground areas. The boys had a great time.
The family

The Grandparents
We think this picture is hilarious since it looks like Adam is pooping a Damon

Halloween...Trunk or Treat

We went to Trunk or Treat night at the church. There was a chili and cupcake contest. I made my Vegetarian Chili which was good enough to win last year for "Most Flavorful" but I guess the judges this year were not a fan. You would really know how sad this is if you knew that Adam was a judge this year. He's been sleeping on the couch ever since.

Next year I'm going for the spiciest chili, I know I can win that one!

Halloween...The Pumpkins

The boys and I carved pumpkins for halloween this year. I think this was a first for them and they were really excited. I had purchased a pumpkin carving kit at Wal-Mart so they picked their designs out and then went out to pick the the rain...good times.
I found one for Aiden immediately, Xavier insisted on a white pumpkin, and Damon after looking at every pumpkin available, had a mental breakdown, picked out two completely rotten ones, finally picked out his. Yes, all in the rain.

I knew that white pumpkins were harder to carved but that is a severe understatement. It took over an hour just to carve a lid into this thing. It was really easy to clean out, not much goo and seeds in white pumpkins. But since it was so hard to carve, we had to make the most simple pumpkin ever.

All in all, the boys had fun and if I only had my internet service I would have been able to google how to cook the pumpkin seeds, so next year we will be adding that to the tradition.
Me hard at looks like Aiden is working too...
Xavier hard at work...
Damon hard at work...
Xavier's and Aiden's pumpkin...