Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween...Trick or Treating

We made it home from Omaha just in time to get back in the car to go trick or treating. (Our trick or treating schedule is getting a little out of hand and it just might have to change next year, no offense anyone!)

Here are the boys in their store-bought costume glory. Damon was Snake Eyes from GIJoe, Xavier was Optimus Prime and Aiden was a Dragon (the cutest dragon EVER I might add).
Here's Damon with his pumpkin...
The boys one more time...

Aiden in all his dragon cuteness...
We first went to our friends Todd and Kari's house. Normally we trick or treat their neighborhood (which is crazy packed) but we didn't have time this year to do much actual trick or treating. Next we stopped by the Lewis' house for their traditional Halloween party. They made homemade donuts which were awesome and since they were made from potato dough I decided they were vegetables and I could eat how ever many that I wanted. So I did. We then went to Great Grandma's place. The boys, especially Aiden, loved all the Halloween decorations that were out. After that we went to Adam's bosses house. Then we finally went to Grandma and Grandpa Littles. I felt bad that the boys didn't get to actually trick or treat anywhere. So we went to 3-4 houses on their block. It was after 9 then so we were the last of the last at that time.
Anyway, they were cute and they had fun and that's all that matters.