Saturday, December 22, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Aiden's Preschool Program

Aiden had his preschool Christmas program on Monday.  They always have it in the library where the librarian reads them a story, then they make a craft (this year it was a rudolph ornament) and then the kids entertain with songs.  20+ 3-4 year olds singing together is pretty entertaining (and loud!).

I have videos but they aren't loading right now.  I'll have to try again when I can get my phone from the 4 year old.

Damon's 11th Birthday

 Damon turned 11 on Tuesday the 18th but we had his family party on Saturday the 15th.  (He took a couple friends to the movies on the 8th to also celebrate his birthday.)

He wanted a football cake and since the football season was over for KSU, he decided to have a Steelers cake.  We served dinner, I made chicken tortilla soup plus sandwiches and chips. 

He got lots of great presents, mostly Steelers stuff, KSU stuff, gift cards and cold hard cash.  I think everything a preteen boy could want. 

Tuesday on his actual birthday he took cookies to school (Yes I have edible markers just so I could write "Steelers" on the cookie. Yes I know that makes me crazy.) and we celebrated at home with his choice of birthday dinner, which for him is always steak and mashed potatoes.

Christmas Piano Recital

 The boys had their holiday piano recital at the mall last Saturday.  Xavier played Jingle Bells and Damon played Deck the Halls.

Someone likes being the Bishop

Last week Adam spent mutual with the Miamaids and they happened to be making gingerbread houses that night.  I think he was pretty excited to get to make his very own.  And the boys were very excited when he let them start eating it all. 

Long Lost Lockett

On December 6 we let Lockett out around 8:30 for one more potty break when the silly dog just took off running.  He must have saw a squirrel or a rabbit or something because he was gone.  Now he has not ran off in MONTHS and the few times he had done it when we first got him he came right back.  Well hours went by and he never returned.  Adam and I both kept calling for him but no Lockett.  I even woke up in the middle of the night and checked outside to see if he was curled up on one of our lawn chairs but he wasn't there.

The next day I contacted the animal shelter and posted a lost and found ad on craigslist but no hits.  Saturday, I called some of our local vets but no one had a missing jack russell. 

Later that afternoon I was standing in the kitchen talking to my sister on the phone when I see a guy walking what looks like Lockett.  So I start walking after him and about a block from our house Lockett stops and turns around and sees me.  So I run up to the guy and ask if he had just found him.  They live around the corner from us and apparently on Thursday night they let their 2 dogs out and 3 came running back in.  It was nice to know that he had a good home to stay at for a couple days.  The guy even said he was quite the snuggle bug and let him sleep with them during the night.  Admittedly, Lockett would have probably been much happier with him considering we make him sleep in a crate and put reindeer antlers on him. 

Oh Christmas Tree

This is our first year for a fake tree.  I still have mixed feelings about it but I think I'll get used to it.  It came prelit but that wasn't enough for me so I added about 5 more stands of lights and called it good.  (I would have added more but the boys worried about fire.)

The boys helped decorate it, we mostly just put on their ornaments and a few from Adam and I.  It could have used more but I was tired and cranky.  Nothing brings in the Christmas spirit more then your mom yelling at you about the ornaments.  But hey, they're young, there is a good chance they won't remember this bad mommy moment anyway.  I blame it on pregnancy.



 For Aiden's preschool class, I had signed up to bring treats for Thanksgiving.  I thought I would make it easy on myself and not do sugar cookies or cupcakes all decorated cute, I'll just make these mini cornucopias. 

Sometimes, things that appear easy are not so easy.  Each cone took at least 5 minutes to get the end to curl, not to mention the bad language, burns, yelling that took place in the making of these bad boys.  They did turn out cute and thankfully he has a small class so I didn't have to make a lot.

We spent Thanksgiving day with the Littles and Ben and Kelly and boys.  The food was great.  The boys had a good time entertaining (or being entertained by) the twins when they were in their bouncer.  Jonah had all four of them jumping around him for quite some time. 

After dinner we decided to head to the bowling alley for a Dolezal brother bowl-a-thon.  Ben beat Adam twice so Adam will have to start practicing for next year.  

After bowling we went to Pizza Hut for our traditional Thanksgiving evening pizza.  Surprisingly it was pretty packed.  I guess more Manhattanites are catching on to the joys of pizza after stuffing your face with turkey and pie.  

The weather was so nice we were able to wear shorts on Thanksgiving day.  It was beautiful out. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Funny Things Aiden Says...

Aiden is pretty darn funny and just says some of the funniest things.  So here are some of his latest quotes...

He likes to buy a donut for Adam every Monday when we go grocery shopping, he will say all the time, "Me get a donut for daddy to make him FAT!"

The sweet innocent child has also started saying damn it if he doesn't get his way.  So we keep telling him its a bad word and we don't say that.  So now he says, "Damn it is a bad word, we don't say damn it." (Repeat 3 times)

About the new baby sister he has said to me, "I'm a good big brother to baby boys but not to baby girls."  And, "I like girls in my preschool but not girls in your tummy."

At church a few weeks ago he was drawing pictures of me pregnant and kept saying, "I'm drawing pictures of you fat momma."  He's lovely.

The other day I was calling my sister while we were in the car and he said, "She's the only one that understands you."

Kelly just reminded me of this one, He calls Santa, "Ho Ho" and he'll get mad at Xavier and say, "He's on Ho Ho's naughty list."

Also, when he gets hurt no matter what it is he needs a bandaid and he always says, "I'm falling apart."

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last Friday we had our Trunk or Treat at the Church.  The three little ones dressed up (Damon decided last minute he didnt like his costume so he bailed on it.  He was going to be, "Your worst nightmare" but didn't like it once he was all dressed.)  Anywho, we had a good time eating chili and spending time with some friends.  Plus the boys got some great candy.

Yesterday, we went Trick or Treating around our neighborhood.  We were out for 2 hours but felt like 5.  Its exhausting to take 4 children trick or treating.  I can't wait until we can do it next year with 5 kids!

Here's Xavier as an Evil Jester...I made his entire costume, first time I've ever done that, I'm pretty proud of myself.  Considering he asked to wear the pants to school, I'm thinking he liked it too.

Damon went as Ben Roethlisberger (Sideline Ben). 

Aiden was a vampire (we couldn't find his teeth until we came home from trick or treating).  

 Grayson as a bat.  He moves too much and seems to not like having his picture taken so this is the best shot I got of him.  He did love trick or treating and did his best to keep up with his brothers.  He even says trick or treat and its the cutest thing ever.  I need to get it recorded. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend!  Trunk or Treat at the church on Friday (I'm posting all those pics when I do Halloween), Saturday, my friend Sarah and I threw a baby shower for our friend Lauren (who had her baby a month early so we did a post-baby shower) and then Sunday was the Primary Program at church. 

Lauren and little Sydney...Sarah knows how to decorate!
 We had more food, which was super yummy, but we took pictures before the other food was out on the table. 
 I've never decorated anything pink before, I had to buy pink dye because I had ZERO!  But I love making sugar cookies, even though they make me crazy.

Sunday morning Aiden was so excited for his first Primary Program he decided he wanted his hair spiked up, first time ever.  He had his part memorized and really belted out all the songs.  I think he would be up there every week if they would let him.  He loves primary.

 Damon and Xavier before church, all ready to go...
 and Grayson wouldn't let me take his picture.  
Being the smart one that I am, gave him a BLUE lollipop before church.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Luckily all the blue came off with a wetwipe before church. 

Baby Girl

Everyone has heard the news but I haven't posted it on my blog yet.  But yes, we are having a baby girl.  The boys had the funniest reaction, so here is what they thought....

And no, they still haven't warmed up to the idea yet, but we all know they will love her immediately. 

Her name will be Adley Lynn and we are expecting her arrival at the end of February, first part of March.  Now is the time to convert an all boy household, to a little bit of pink. 

Football Season

 Damon and Xavier played flag football again this year.  They enjoyed their games and practices and had a lot of fun.  I think they won a couple, lost a couple, all in all it was a good season.  They improved each game and had a lot of fun.