Friday, December 21, 2012

Long Lost Lockett

On December 6 we let Lockett out around 8:30 for one more potty break when the silly dog just took off running.  He must have saw a squirrel or a rabbit or something because he was gone.  Now he has not ran off in MONTHS and the few times he had done it when we first got him he came right back.  Well hours went by and he never returned.  Adam and I both kept calling for him but no Lockett.  I even woke up in the middle of the night and checked outside to see if he was curled up on one of our lawn chairs but he wasn't there.

The next day I contacted the animal shelter and posted a lost and found ad on craigslist but no hits.  Saturday, I called some of our local vets but no one had a missing jack russell. 

Later that afternoon I was standing in the kitchen talking to my sister on the phone when I see a guy walking what looks like Lockett.  So I start walking after him and about a block from our house Lockett stops and turns around and sees me.  So I run up to the guy and ask if he had just found him.  They live around the corner from us and apparently on Thursday night they let their 2 dogs out and 3 came running back in.  It was nice to know that he had a good home to stay at for a couple days.  The guy even said he was quite the snuggle bug and let him sleep with them during the night.  Admittedly, Lockett would have probably been much happier with him considering we make him sleep in a crate and put reindeer antlers on him.