Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sharing the News...

Sometime in January...which means I should have typed this up about a month ago but obviously blogging has been my priority lately. Anywhos, back to the story...

Sometime in January we were sitting around the dinnertable when Damon and Xavier get to talking about their "number' in the family. Damon was excited to be the first born like Adam and Aiden was like me being the last born. Which left Xavier feeling very left out since no one was like him.

So I said to the boys, "Guess what, Aiden is not the last born." They look at me very confused and start to protest. I say it again, "Aiden is not the last born. What do you think that means." Again they look very confused, protest a bit, and I continue to repeat myself with help from Adam.

I then say, "If Aiden is not the last born what could that mean?" Xavier then looks at me and says, "A new baby." I say back, "Yep that is right."

So we clarify to both that we will be adding a new addition at the end of the summer. Xavier seems pretty excited. Damon thinks I'm faking. In fact he said, "That's not a baby, that's just food."

What a lovely boy.

He also said tonight at dinner when talking about the new little something, "I'm going to prove them wrong." I don't know how exactly he plans on doing this. It is starting to become rather obvious that I'm indeed pregnant.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charla's Baby Shower

We had Charla's baby shower the other day at my parent's house. We had quite a bit of family come to it and some old friends we hadn't seen in awhile too. She got lots of great stuff and we had fun visiting with everyone too.

Charla's baby belly...
The cake I made...

The only picture I took of her unwrapping presents...I was writing everything down though so I was busy.

Me, Jims, Carrie and Charla...

Umm...Jims, I thought I changed your life...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

We celebrated Valentine's day in a very low-key manner. I meant to buy the boys red ties but I totally spaced it off until the Friday before so that didn't happen. They just got some chocolates and a bakugon (for Damon and Xavier) and Aiden got a little penguin see n say with his chocolates.