Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cotton Bowl

Adam took Damon and Xavier to the Cotton Bowl.  He met up with three of his brothers and members of their family too.  Even though our team didn't win the boys had a great time at their first college football game. (They both went as babies but of course don't remember them so its hard to count.)

The next day they met up with more family and went golfing and hung out.  They also got to spend time with our nephew Ross who had just come home from his mission in California.  
The pics are out of order but I don't care.  :)


 No January was not a really boring month and that's why I didn't post anything.  If just all went by really quick.  So here are some random pictures of the boys...mostly of Aiden and Grayson because they are the only ones that let me take pictures of them on a regular basis. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Mommy Burnt the Cookies

This is my friend James Thomas Taylor (many people call him Jimmie or Jim-bob, but I've always called him Jims).  Jims wrote a children's book dedicated to his mother.  His mom is one of the sweetest, nicest women ever created.

Anyway, his children's book is adorable and has a great message too. My three oldest boys watched it and loved it.  I bet your kids will like it too. 

He would love to have it published, if you know a publishing guy (or gal) then please send them Jimmie's way.  You can follow him on Twitter at @TheBurntCookies or like the book on Facebook.   You can also learn more about the story behind the book by reading his blog.