Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aiden's 3rd Birthday

Train cake...I have made a lot of train cakes. We usually have someone from Thomas the Train on our train cakes so I decided to change it up.

Aiden got lots of great toys and clothes. It was funny, whenever he unwrapped clothes he would give them to someone.

Making a serious call...

Blowing out candles.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grayson - 7 months

Better late then never....

So Grayson is still a super happy baby. He always has his mouth open like in the above picture. He makes super cute noises and is usually good all of the time. He cries when he is hungry and tired and that is about it.

He rolls everywhere he wants to go, from one side of the room to the other.

In the winter time he had this really cute coat that was brown with bear of course we always called him brown bear when he was in it. He quickly out grew it and I had to order another one. This time, no more brown so we went with white. We thought it was a little girlish at first but then decided he was just a polar bear so it was all good. The white one was super fluffy, it is the cutest!

He woke up like this the other morning. Not sure what happened there, big stretch?

Happy boy in Daddy's hat.

He is also a really good eater. He has started eating cheerios and loves them. He gets really excited when we put a couple on his tray of his high chair. He has loved all of his baby food too. I've recently started giving him these. They are awesome and so easy! In fact when Jax was here for a visit, we gave one to him and he could just suck it down. I can't wait for Grayson to be able to do that!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Park Day

Since we were in Wichita for part of Spring Break the big plan was to go to the zoo on Monday. Adam took the day off from work and everything so we could all go. We get there, and half of Wichita was there too. I knew it would be crowded so it didn't surprise me. However, the boys were acting like they had just broke free from a cage so we decided the zoo might not be the best place and went to the park instead. It was a beautiful day so it was perfect to just go play at a park before we headed home. Although Adam and I had a good laugh about how this was something we could never do in Manhattan...go to the park and eat hamburgers for lunch. What a treat!Grayson's first swing

Xavier climbing

Aiden...the only way I could get a picture of him!


The big boys...

Jax's 1st Birthday

Somehow my little nephew Jax turned one. It doesn't seem quite possible but it happened. I decided to make him a couple gifts this year. This was one of them. Its a placemat car mat. I found a tutorial online (I should totally link to it but I have no idea where it is now). I then customized the places, so he has a car wash and a gas station. I also added Brenden's and Charla's work too. I think it turned out really cute. It rolls up so it can be taken wherever he goes and it holds six cars.

I also made him a couple of bow ties, just cause I think they are the cutest things. Here he is modeling one of them at his party.
Here's his cake, I made that too.
I think he's the only one year old that ate his first piece of cake with a spoon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aiden Starts School

Aiden started preschool. Believe it or not he was very excited to go, which is why he didn't want me to take his picture before he could go to class. He ran right up to his classroom and walked right in. He turned around and saw me not coming with him and gave a little worried look with a pout. But his teacher told me he would be fine and just go ahead. So I left. She said he was fine once he hung up his backpack. About 30 minutes later he went and opened the door and said, "Mama?" But his teacher told him I would be back soon, and he was fine.

After school and happy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aiden and Grayson

Grayson at 7 months

Aiden at 7 months

Just thought it was funny that I had both boys in the same outfits, drinking a bottle, at the exact same age. I think its funny that Aiden looks a little chubbier although they are pretty much the same size in height and weight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Star Wars Lego

This kid saved his money and gift cards so he could buy this very cool Star Wars lego set. It came last week and he worked diligently all last Saturday putting it together. Sadly one of the pieces was wrong so its not complete but really really close.

It has been a battle ever since to keep the thing from Aiden, he would really like to fly it...


Aiden made his own breakfast the other day, apparently he likes butter.

FYI, Aiden has been in a program for the past year with Infant Toddler Services for his lack of speaking skills. (Honestly, I think their program is a big waste of tax dollars but thats a different blog post.) Anywho, the good thing about it is because he was already in their program they automatically transfer him into the school districts program. Which means for the past month he has been getting evaluated so he could start speech therapy. So come March 17th (He has to start on his birthday but his birthday is during spring break so he has to start a little early.) he will get to start preschool. He will go for about 3 hours a day, Monday-Thursday. Three of those days he will go to speech therapy. Friday we went to the school and checked it out. He seemed to really like it and his teacher seems to be very nice. We'll see how he handles it in a couple weeks but I think he will really like going to school like Damon and Xavier do. He seems to think they are his anyway.