Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grayson - 7 months

Better late then never....

So Grayson is still a super happy baby. He always has his mouth open like in the above picture. He makes super cute noises and is usually good all of the time. He cries when he is hungry and tired and that is about it.

He rolls everywhere he wants to go, from one side of the room to the other.

In the winter time he had this really cute coat that was brown with bear of course we always called him brown bear when he was in it. He quickly out grew it and I had to order another one. This time, no more brown so we went with white. We thought it was a little girlish at first but then decided he was just a polar bear so it was all good. The white one was super fluffy, it is the cutest!

He woke up like this the other morning. Not sure what happened there, big stretch?

Happy boy in Daddy's hat.

He is also a really good eater. He has started eating cheerios and loves them. He gets really excited when we put a couple on his tray of his high chair. He has loved all of his baby food too. I've recently started giving him these. They are awesome and so easy! In fact when Jax was here for a visit, we gave one to him and he could just suck it down. I can't wait for Grayson to be able to do that!