Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tool Man Aiden

He goes to the best preschool ever!  They made the cutest little tool belt.  He loves it!

Adley Lynn - Two Months

This post could have also been titled, "Butt Load of Picture of a Baby Girl"  But she is just so cute, I couldn't narrow down the pictures! 

Miss Adley is now 2 months old.  She went to the dr today and had her 2 months shots.  She was not a happy girl about those at all.  She screamed bloody murder until she lost her breath.  Then it took her forever to calm down. 

Not to mention that Aiden also had to get shots to prepare for Kindergarten next year so he was crying too.  It was good times in the dr office today. 

Now, back to Adley.  She is a tiny little girl compared to the boys.  I had to look at their stats to see where everyone was at 2 months.  Compared to these chunky boys she is a delicate flower!

Damon was 15lb 4oz and 24.5 inches (in fairness he was 2 1/2 at his appt)
Xavier was 14lb and 24 inches
Aiden was 13lb 12oz and 23.75 inches
Grayson was 12lb 2oz and 23.5 inches
Adley is 10lb 14oz and 23.25 inches long. 

She is in the 80 percentile for length and 49 percentile for weight.  I guess it is time to fatten her up!

I caught her as she was laughing, I just thought she looked so cute with her head tilted back in a giggle.

Finally a smiley girl...
As you can see she is really starting to smile a lot.  She always wakes up smiley in the morning.  She is getting stronger and is doing really well at holding her head up.  She is also starting to make cute little coos and other sweet baby noises.

My friend Kelly that I worked with at Jim's office bought this outfit for Damon.  All the boys have worn it and now it is Little Miss Adley's turn. 

I have been calling her Miss Adley (or Little Miss) for about a month now, I'm not sure why but I feel like it suits her.  Today at the drs office both the physician's assistant and the doctor were calling her that as well.  So it must be a fitting nickname for this little girl.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

This boy just makes me happy...

In this last picture he was "battling" his brothers while wearing Damon's shoes and his baseball hat.  I guess the battle wore him out. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Girls Weekend - TOFW

Miss Adley and I had our first girls weekend.  We left for Time Out for Women on Friday afternoon.  Picked up a friend here and then picked up my sister in Topeka to go to.  My friend Tricia that lives in Platte City met us there. 

Friday night Sheri Dew spoke, she is always fabulous.  Its the 2nd time I've heard her live and you can't help but love her.  She just has such a powerful way of speaking specifically to women.

Before we left on Friday I wasn't feeling a 100% but I was feeling better later so I wasn't too worried about it.  However, when I woke up on Saturday I felt miserable.  Super tired and ache and my stomach was upset.  So needless to say, I didn't pay much attention on Saturday.   I'm hoping someone bought the dvd and I can borrow it later.

But heres pictures of Miss Adley in her Minnie Mouse outfit.  I think she is the cutest.

When I got home on Saturday, I crawled into bed and slept 15 hours.  Thats not counting the two hour nap I took while everyone was at church.

Quick Aiden story: Sunday evening I was laying on the couch and I cut my finger and started to bleed. Aiden ran upstairs to get me a band-aid.  He opened it and wrapped it around my hurt finger.  After I thanked him for taking care of me he said, "Well they don't call me Dr Aiden for nothing."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I never posted about dyeing Easter eggs.  We did it for family home evening the monday after easter.  Oops!  It just never happened before.  We were pretty busy and had friends come in town for the day and there just wasn't enough time.  But it was done, the tradition continues, blah blah blah.  And next year I need to remember to do it outside!  Kids are messy!

Funny Weekend

I think my boys win as the funniest kids.  Daily there are things being said that are just hilarious.  This weekend they all had some good quotes.

Saturday i was getting dressed when Aiden came in.  He had completed his chores which meant he could get on the computer and play games.  I was trying to find a shirt to wear (which should be easy but anyone who has ever had a baby knows that it really is very difficult to find a shirt in your closet that still fits right.) and told him I would help him once I am dressed.  He grabs a shirt out of my closet, hands it to me and says, "You will look very beautiful in this.  Now can I play on your computer."

(He is always telling Adley that she is very beautiful.  It doesn't matter what she is doing, eating, sleeping, crying her head off.  He tells her all the time.  And if I say something to him about it he says, "What? Girls need to hear that.")

Saturday afternoon we headed to Wamego to the Tulip Festival.  They had a lot of food venders, games and activities for kids, and a bunch of different craft venders.  There was a lot to see.  Guess what wasn't there.  Tulips.  Zero tulips. 

Saturday night we were talking to the boys about things that we could fast for on Sunday.  We were making a list and somehow the way babies are made was brought up.  So I ask Damon and Xavier, "Do you know how babies are made?"  Damon starts to laugh and says, "It's when the mom and the dad have (and then he spells!) S - E - X."  Then Xavier starts to sing "Wheels on the bus..."  It was an entertaining moment. 

Sunday before church the boys were all wrestling around together when Grayson had a little booger hanging out of his nose.  Damon stops to get a kleenix and wipes his nose (yes, he is that good of a big brother) when Grayson gets mad and starts yelling, "You took the booger out of my nose!  You took my booger out of my nose!" and started to stomp and pout around the house. 

Then at church, Miss Adley was such a happy and smiley baby right when church was starting.  It was the cutest thing ever. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Books I Read in 2012

I'm trying to keep track of books I've read.  This is for 2012, I forgot to post it earlier.

Lightning Thief - Damon wanted me to read this book.  I did it just to please him but it was really good.  I would read the whole series of Percy Jackson books.

Shark Wars - Since I read one of Damon's books, I then had to read one of Xavier's.  So Shark Wars it was...its a good grade school, boy book.

Boys Without Names - I found this at the Library and tried to get the boys to read it but they didn't want to, so I read it instead.  Its about one boys journey to escape child labor.  I think it took place in India but I could be wrong, its been awhile.

Growing Up - This was an interesting book on how to answer your children's questions about sex with gospel principles.

Water for Elephants - I've always wanted to read this book, I finally did on our vacation.  I honestly didn't know there were dirty parts! They should have ratings on books.

Busy Kids - This was a basic book with ideas for activities for kids.  I didn't learn much, we still spend a lot of time watching tv.

Heaven is Here - This is Stephanie Nielson's memoir.  Its amazing.

What Alice Forgot - I LOVED this book.  It is really good.  Its about a woman who passes out and loses 10 years of her life.  Within that 10 years she had children that she did not know and had separated from her husband.

The Language of Flowers - This was my sister, Charla, recommendation.  It was a good book, I just wish it had a happier ending. Its about a girl who grew up in foster care and her adult life.

Tempting - I thought this was a book about a girl finding her birth father, its really a love story of a girl finding her birth father and having a relationship with his adopted son.  Didn't see that coming, again, dirty parts!

Awake - This is a really good book encouraging you to serve in whatever capacity that you can.

The Glass Castle - This is another Charla recommendation, it is the author's memoir.  She has had the craziest life in all the world.  Her parents were poorer then poor and crazier then anyone I've ever heard of.  It makes you wonder how she and her siblings were never taken away.

Half Broke Horses - This is the same author of The Glass Castle.  It is a novel but based on her grandmother's life.  Her grandma had an amazing life.

That's My Son - An interesting book about raising sons.  It is really meant for single mothers but there was a lot of good info on how the boy brain works and how men and women are different.  

I also read the Book of Mormon 3 1/2 times.  My big plan was to read it 5 times this year but it just didn't happen.

Easter Weekend

Saturday we drove down to Wichita to meet my sisters at the zoo.  We walked around for a few hours.  Not all of the animals were out on exhibit since it still wasn't warm enough for them but we still had a good time.  (Plus that night all of the boys slept the best they have ever slept at my parent's house!)

 Grayson and the Lion statues. 

 Aiden and Grayson looking at the Tortoises

The Red (Lesser) Panda (I think he's cute)

Miss Adley slept the whole time we were at the zoo.

Saturday night we hung out with my parents and watched win Wichita State to get into the Final Four.  Its a pretty exciting time for the Wichita area.  
Wu shocked the world!

(I must say, I ALMOST had Wichita State going all the way on my bracket because the boys always tease me about my affection for WSU.  IF I would have done it, I would have been the only one in the nation to have picked them winning the Championship game.  Go Shockers!)

Easter Morning, the boys Easter baskets.  (Yes I forgot about Adley's basket...someone should have reminded me that I have FIVE children now!)
They had other stuff for their baskets that I ordered but it didn't come in time.

Sunday morning we went to the First Baptist Church.  
(No more sitting in the balcony, our boys shift too much and the seats are too springy, we were pretty noisy! Plus my heels were too tall to climb all those stairs!) 
 After we went back to my parents and had a yummy dinner of brisket and mashed potatoes and rhubarb pie.  It was fantastic!

All the kids fell asleep on the way home except for Damon. 
He's such a nice brother to let Aiden use him as a pillow. 


Last week the boys got haircuts which always means they need a bath to get all the little hairs off.  I got Grayson out of the tub, dried him off, lotioned him up, and put him in pjs.  He happily ran off to play in his room.  Aiden was still playing in the tub when we here him start to yell, "Come get baby!"  Grayson climbed back in the ub and was playing again.  He loves baths too much!!!