Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend

Saturday we drove down to Wichita to meet my sisters at the zoo.  We walked around for a few hours.  Not all of the animals were out on exhibit since it still wasn't warm enough for them but we still had a good time.  (Plus that night all of the boys slept the best they have ever slept at my parent's house!)

 Grayson and the Lion statues. 

 Aiden and Grayson looking at the Tortoises

The Red (Lesser) Panda (I think he's cute)

Miss Adley slept the whole time we were at the zoo.

Saturday night we hung out with my parents and watched win Wichita State to get into the Final Four.  Its a pretty exciting time for the Wichita area.  
Wu shocked the world!

(I must say, I ALMOST had Wichita State going all the way on my bracket because the boys always tease me about my affection for WSU.  IF I would have done it, I would have been the only one in the nation to have picked them winning the Championship game.  Go Shockers!)

Easter Morning, the boys Easter baskets.  (Yes I forgot about Adley's basket...someone should have reminded me that I have FIVE children now!)
They had other stuff for their baskets that I ordered but it didn't come in time.

Sunday morning we went to the First Baptist Church.  
(No more sitting in the balcony, our boys shift too much and the seats are too springy, we were pretty noisy! Plus my heels were too tall to climb all those stairs!) 
 After we went back to my parents and had a yummy dinner of brisket and mashed potatoes and rhubarb pie.  It was fantastic!

All the kids fell asleep on the way home except for Damon. 
He's such a nice brother to let Aiden use him as a pillow.