Monday, April 15, 2013

Funny Weekend

I think my boys win as the funniest kids.  Daily there are things being said that are just hilarious.  This weekend they all had some good quotes.

Saturday i was getting dressed when Aiden came in.  He had completed his chores which meant he could get on the computer and play games.  I was trying to find a shirt to wear (which should be easy but anyone who has ever had a baby knows that it really is very difficult to find a shirt in your closet that still fits right.) and told him I would help him once I am dressed.  He grabs a shirt out of my closet, hands it to me and says, "You will look very beautiful in this.  Now can I play on your computer."

(He is always telling Adley that she is very beautiful.  It doesn't matter what she is doing, eating, sleeping, crying her head off.  He tells her all the time.  And if I say something to him about it he says, "What? Girls need to hear that.")

Saturday afternoon we headed to Wamego to the Tulip Festival.  They had a lot of food venders, games and activities for kids, and a bunch of different craft venders.  There was a lot to see.  Guess what wasn't there.  Tulips.  Zero tulips. 

Saturday night we were talking to the boys about things that we could fast for on Sunday.  We were making a list and somehow the way babies are made was brought up.  So I ask Damon and Xavier, "Do you know how babies are made?"  Damon starts to laugh and says, "It's when the mom and the dad have (and then he spells!) S - E - X."  Then Xavier starts to sing "Wheels on the bus..."  It was an entertaining moment. 

Sunday before church the boys were all wrestling around together when Grayson had a little booger hanging out of his nose.  Damon stops to get a kleenix and wipes his nose (yes, he is that good of a big brother) when Grayson gets mad and starts yelling, "You took the booger out of my nose!  You took my booger out of my nose!" and started to stomp and pout around the house. 

Then at church, Miss Adley was such a happy and smiley baby right when church was starting.  It was the cutest thing ever.