Friday, April 5, 2013

Books I Read in 2012

I'm trying to keep track of books I've read.  This is for 2012, I forgot to post it earlier.

Lightning Thief - Damon wanted me to read this book.  I did it just to please him but it was really good.  I would read the whole series of Percy Jackson books.

Shark Wars - Since I read one of Damon's books, I then had to read one of Xavier's.  So Shark Wars it was...its a good grade school, boy book.

Boys Without Names - I found this at the Library and tried to get the boys to read it but they didn't want to, so I read it instead.  Its about one boys journey to escape child labor.  I think it took place in India but I could be wrong, its been awhile.

Growing Up - This was an interesting book on how to answer your children's questions about sex with gospel principles.

Water for Elephants - I've always wanted to read this book, I finally did on our vacation.  I honestly didn't know there were dirty parts! They should have ratings on books.

Busy Kids - This was a basic book with ideas for activities for kids.  I didn't learn much, we still spend a lot of time watching tv.

Heaven is Here - This is Stephanie Nielson's memoir.  Its amazing.

What Alice Forgot - I LOVED this book.  It is really good.  Its about a woman who passes out and loses 10 years of her life.  Within that 10 years she had children that she did not know and had separated from her husband.

The Language of Flowers - This was my sister, Charla, recommendation.  It was a good book, I just wish it had a happier ending. Its about a girl who grew up in foster care and her adult life.

Tempting - I thought this was a book about a girl finding her birth father, its really a love story of a girl finding her birth father and having a relationship with his adopted son.  Didn't see that coming, again, dirty parts!

Awake - This is a really good book encouraging you to serve in whatever capacity that you can.

The Glass Castle - This is another Charla recommendation, it is the author's memoir.  She has had the craziest life in all the world.  Her parents were poorer then poor and crazier then anyone I've ever heard of.  It makes you wonder how she and her siblings were never taken away.

Half Broke Horses - This is the same author of The Glass Castle.  It is a novel but based on her grandmother's life.  Her grandma had an amazing life.

That's My Son - An interesting book about raising sons.  It is really meant for single mothers but there was a lot of good info on how the boy brain works and how men and women are different.  

I also read the Book of Mormon 3 1/2 times.  My big plan was to read it 5 times this year but it just didn't happen.


Hillary said...

Thanks for posting! I'm always looking for new books to read. I remembered you had recommended What Alice Forgot on facebook so I read it a couple of months ago and loved it too. And the same thing happened to me with Water for Elephants..I read it pretty soon after it came out, not realizing it had some dirty parts. But I can't not finish a book! :) I don't even remember what it was about anymore.