Friday, March 29, 2013

Adley Lynn - One Month

Miss Adley you are one month old already and still such a tiny little baby. You are still in your newborn clothes, any 0-3 months clothes look huge on you.   I've looked back on the weight of all the boys at this age and you are the smallest.  Which seems crazy to me since Grayson couldn't keep food down for a whole week and he still out weighed you at one month old.

You went to the doctor today and you weigh 8lb 6oz and are 21 1/2 inches long.  You have grown an inch and a 1/2 since birth!

You are starting to smile but its not often enough to capture it with a camera.  But its pretty darn cute, you do little cricked half smile on the left side.  So far it seems like you have one dimple on the left side, just like your daddy.

And you couldn't look more like your daddy if you tried. 

This is my favorite little onesie.   It is perfect for you for so many reasons,
1. Your daddy is Adam, so we have always been Team Adam even before The Voice was ever on TV. 
2. You were named after a contestant on The Voice. 
3. Your mother happens to have a little crush on Adam Levine.
4. It was a gift from one of my favorite people. 

I love a little baby in a big bed.

You are not a fan of baths yet.  I'm sure it will be coming but for right now, you would rather stay stinky and dry. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aiden Loves Adley

All the boys love their little sister but Aiden pays extra attention to her.  Today he was laying on the floor beside her and gave her a kiss.  He then put his cheek down on her face so she could give him a kiss.  He came running over to me and said, "See this kiss mark, Adley gave me a kiss!"

He has also asked to marry her when he gets older.  "Because she is the most beautiful girl in all the world."  And every time we have her dressed up to go somewhere he will always say, "Adley you look so beautiful.  You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

And this is just another funny conversation we had the other day...
Aiden wanted me to peel him an orange, so I asked him to go get me one.  He returns to the table with orange in hand and says, "Momma, I got you the biggest orange because you are my biggest momma." 
I said, "Gee thanks Aiden."
He said back to me with the most sincere face, "I'm not calling you fat momma!  I'm not, you not fat momma.  You tall.  You big and tall momma.  You have big long legs."

Aiden's 5th Birthday

Since we had everyone in town for Adley's blessing, we killed to birds with one stone and also celebrated Aiden's 5th birthday.  He has been so excited to turn 5 that Sunday morning he came running in at 4 am and said, "My birthday today!!" And then when the sun was actually up, he came running in and asked, "Can we have my birthday party and then go to church?"

But church had to be first, sorry buddy.

Aiden decided on a Wreck it Ralph birthday theme, I'm not sure why since he has never seen the movie but that is all he talked about so that is what we did.  

Thankfully Kelly was in town so she decorated the cake for me, she's pretty amazing huh?

Grandma Lois got him the Wreck it Ralph movie.  He was so excited.  We've already watched it several times since Sunday!

My new favorite pic of Aiden!

We served lunch: sloppy joes, chips and fruit and veggies.

Adley's Blessing

Sunday, the 24th, we blessed Adley at church.  Her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing.  We had a lot of friends and family over to celebrate.  

All my kids...all FIVE of my kids...

Adley in her blessing dress. 

I just love the kissy face

Adley and Daddy

Adam with his step dad and some of his brothers.  
These were also the guys in the circle, plus my brother in law Matt.  

(I totally forgot to take a picture of all of them.  I just now thought of it!)

Guests: My parents, both my sisters and their families, Jim and Jan Sipes, Adam's parents, brother Ben and family, sister Ashley and kids, brother Kevin & Lisa, brother Marty and Janna plus Hunter & Alicia. 

Jax's 3rd Birthday

We drove down to Wichita on the 16th for the day to celebrate my nephew, Jax, birthday. 

My parents got him a basketball hoop and it was just so cute that little Hunter thought it was the perfect bench.  However, Jax didn't like him sitting on his toy. 

 The cake I made...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Adley's First Sunday at Church

We braved church for the first time on the 17th.  It went pretty well, I was nervous to be sitting with 5 kids by myself but all was good. 

Here's Adley in her little dress that I made with black leggings.  I made the bow too.  I'm not in love with it.  But I can't decide if she looks cute with bows on her head or if it just looks dumb.  But I'm trying to embrace the bow thing. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Adley Stories

A couple of little stories I forgot to mentioned about Adley's birth....

The day she was born they were letting me rest, trying to get rid of the drugged/foggy state I was currently in.  A few hours after the surgery the nurses will come in and help get you cleaned up and try to get you to walk around a little bit.   Always seems a little cruel when you have just been cut open but whatever.   So they suggest I take a little walk down the hallway.  I decided to go and get Adley out of the nursery since it had been a few hours since she ate and knew time would be coming. We walk into the nursery and there are two babies, a blue baby and a pink baby.   I instinctly walk over to the blue baby and look down and realize, that not my baby.  The nurses were over standing by the pink baby, aka my daughter, when I turn and realize my baby is the pink one and not the blue one.     One of them points down to Adley and says, "No this one is your's."  Oops!   But in my defense, I've never seen a pink baby in the hospital, only blue.

The other funny thing was the next day our family doctor comes to check on her and see how she is doing.  He walks into my hospital room and shouts, "It's a girl!  Finally, a girl!" and gives me a big hug.   It was just so funny.  He also teased me about running up and down the hallways of the hospital, I guess I'm notorious for doing too much after my c-sections.  Which may also be why my OBGYN reiterated the 2 weeks of rest rule at least 5 times in every visit.

All the boys have their own little lullaby that I sing to them at night.  So they have all kept asking what Adley's song will be.  Honestly, I haven't figured it out yet.  But that doesn't stop Aiden from suggesting, Gangnam Style.  He even created some alternate lyrics.

Last one, yesterday Aiden was asking me if he could marry Adley when they grow up because "She is the most beautiful girl in all the world."  So I asked, "What about me, I'm not beautiful?"  And he said, "No you are not beautiful momma.  But I still love you."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

First bath

 Tuesday on March 5 I finally gave baby girl a real bath (yes it was a long time but don't judge me.  I now have 5 kids to take care of and I'm healing from having a baby and surgery, I'm a little tired!)

As you can tell, she wasn't a fan.  And she does have cute girlie pink hooded towels but she peed all over them in the process of getting her ready for the bath.  It was good times. 

But she was perfectly content after and was bright eyed and relaxing.  

I just wanted a picture of her in her crib, it looks so big compared to her tiny little body.  

Adley Lynn - lots of pictures

 Wednesday, February 27th Adam and I arrived at the hospital around 5:30am to get checked in and prepare to get little miss out to meet the world.  

Adley was born at 7:42am.  She was 7lbs 12oz and 20inches long.  Which makes her the same size as Grayson was at birth.  It was so funny because once Dr Gros held her up to show her off she gave the biggest pout and held that pout for a good few minutes.  She is definitely my girl.  
Although I think she looks more like Adam as a baby, he had big cheeks and a small head.  Everyone knows, I have a cantaloupe head. 

Here she is meeting the brothers.

I think Aiden was most excited to meet his little sister.  As soon as he walked into my hospital room he came over to my bed and held out his arms ready to hold her.

Grayson wasn't quite so sure what to think at first.

Damon loves babies.

Xavier likes them too.

I think Grandma Little was pretty excited for her first granddaughter.

Grayson warming up to her.  

My daddy and my baby girl.

 Lois with baby girl.

 Papa Don with baby girl.

For the first time ever I stayed my full three days in the hospital.  I have always gone home after two.  So we came home on Saturday, March 2.  

Adam was able to run away from the boys for a few minutes and pick us up from the hospital.  I had a cute little dress I wanted to bring her home in but since it was so cold I thought I would be a responsible mother and put her in this cute little outfit instead.  Cute dresses and hair bows will just have to wait.  
(especially hair bows, her head is too small for all of her cute hair accessories)

And let me just say, I had some of the best nurses I've ever had in the hospital.  They were all the best, we got the best care ever.  One nurse was one that was present for Grayson's birth, another nurse was my nurse when Aiden was born, one sat and talked with us forever (we could have been best friends), and the nurse who walked us out hugged Adam and I and thanked us for letting her be apart of baby girl's birth (she was there for the delivery and was my nurse for 2 days).  We even got a card in the mail from all the nurses.  It must be a new thing they are doing, we have never got one with the boys.