Friday, March 29, 2013

Adley Lynn - One Month

Miss Adley you are one month old already and still such a tiny little baby. You are still in your newborn clothes, any 0-3 months clothes look huge on you.   I've looked back on the weight of all the boys at this age and you are the smallest.  Which seems crazy to me since Grayson couldn't keep food down for a whole week and he still out weighed you at one month old.

You went to the doctor today and you weigh 8lb 6oz and are 21 1/2 inches long.  You have grown an inch and a 1/2 since birth!

You are starting to smile but its not often enough to capture it with a camera.  But its pretty darn cute, you do little cricked half smile on the left side.  So far it seems like you have one dimple on the left side, just like your daddy.

And you couldn't look more like your daddy if you tried. 

This is my favorite little onesie.   It is perfect for you for so many reasons,
1. Your daddy is Adam, so we have always been Team Adam even before The Voice was ever on TV. 
2. You were named after a contestant on The Voice. 
3. Your mother happens to have a little crush on Adam Levine.
4. It was a gift from one of my favorite people. 

I love a little baby in a big bed.

You are not a fan of baths yet.  I'm sure it will be coming but for right now, you would rather stay stinky and dry.