Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Adley Stories

A couple of little stories I forgot to mentioned about Adley's birth....

The day she was born they were letting me rest, trying to get rid of the drugged/foggy state I was currently in.  A few hours after the surgery the nurses will come in and help get you cleaned up and try to get you to walk around a little bit.   Always seems a little cruel when you have just been cut open but whatever.   So they suggest I take a little walk down the hallway.  I decided to go and get Adley out of the nursery since it had been a few hours since she ate and knew time would be coming. We walk into the nursery and there are two babies, a blue baby and a pink baby.   I instinctly walk over to the blue baby and look down and realize, that not my baby.  The nurses were over standing by the pink baby, aka my daughter, when I turn and realize my baby is the pink one and not the blue one.     One of them points down to Adley and says, "No this one is your's."  Oops!   But in my defense, I've never seen a pink baby in the hospital, only blue.

The other funny thing was the next day our family doctor comes to check on her and see how she is doing.  He walks into my hospital room and shouts, "It's a girl!  Finally, a girl!" and gives me a big hug.   It was just so funny.  He also teased me about running up and down the hallways of the hospital, I guess I'm notorious for doing too much after my c-sections.  Which may also be why my OBGYN reiterated the 2 weeks of rest rule at least 5 times in every visit.

All the boys have their own little lullaby that I sing to them at night.  So they have all kept asking what Adley's song will be.  Honestly, I haven't figured it out yet.  But that doesn't stop Aiden from suggesting, Gangnam Style.  He even created some alternate lyrics.

Last one, yesterday Aiden was asking me if he could marry Adley when they grow up because "She is the most beautiful girl in all the world."  So I asked, "What about me, I'm not beautiful?"  And he said, "No you are not beautiful momma.  But I still love you."