Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adley Lynn - lots of pictures

 Wednesday, February 27th Adam and I arrived at the hospital around 5:30am to get checked in and prepare to get little miss out to meet the world.  

Adley was born at 7:42am.  She was 7lbs 12oz and 20inches long.  Which makes her the same size as Grayson was at birth.  It was so funny because once Dr Gros held her up to show her off she gave the biggest pout and held that pout for a good few minutes.  She is definitely my girl.  
Although I think she looks more like Adam as a baby, he had big cheeks and a small head.  Everyone knows, I have a cantaloupe head. 

Here she is meeting the brothers.

I think Aiden was most excited to meet his little sister.  As soon as he walked into my hospital room he came over to my bed and held out his arms ready to hold her.

Grayson wasn't quite so sure what to think at first.

Damon loves babies.

Xavier likes them too.

I think Grandma Little was pretty excited for her first granddaughter.

Grayson warming up to her.  

My daddy and my baby girl.

 Lois with baby girl.

 Papa Don with baby girl.

For the first time ever I stayed my full three days in the hospital.  I have always gone home after two.  So we came home on Saturday, March 2.  

Adam was able to run away from the boys for a few minutes and pick us up from the hospital.  I had a cute little dress I wanted to bring her home in but since it was so cold I thought I would be a responsible mother and put her in this cute little outfit instead.  Cute dresses and hair bows will just have to wait.  
(especially hair bows, her head is too small for all of her cute hair accessories)

And let me just say, I had some of the best nurses I've ever had in the hospital.  They were all the best, we got the best care ever.  One nurse was one that was present for Grayson's birth, another nurse was my nurse when Aiden was born, one sat and talked with us forever (we could have been best friends), and the nurse who walked us out hugged Adam and I and thanked us for letting her be apart of baby girl's birth (she was there for the delivery and was my nurse for 2 days).  We even got a card in the mail from all the nurses.  It must be a new thing they are doing, we have never got one with the boys. 


Keely said...

love your blog, love your posts, loved taking care of you and so happy for your newest addition Miss Adley, she is beautiful! Come back anytime:)