Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sorry, ANOTHER Aiden Post

This kid is just too funny.  Its a daily thing now it seems that Aiden has some story or some funny comment to make.  Maybe he is making up for his 3 years of very little talking.

So, this is a little TMI but when someone passes gas in our family the following conversation ALWAYS takes place.
The person who doesn't pass gas will make some comment on how the gassy person is gross or disgusting, something along those lines.
The Gassy guy will then always say, "I feel better."
The Nongassy guy will always reply, "No one else does."

So Aiden the other day farted.  I said, "You're gross."
Aiden said, "I feel better."
I said, "No one else does."
Aiden said, "No one else farted."

The other day I had to take both Aiden and Grayson to my doctor's appointment.  As we were waiting in the waiting room we get to talking about when Adley is joining our family.  (Since then he runs in every morning to our room and asks if the baby is here yet.)  We also talked about how when Adley is a little bigger she will be in his room with Grayson.  Aiden said to me, "IF she poops in my room I'm going to be really pissed off."

We got Aiden and Grayson new bunk beds last weekend.  They LOVE their beds.  Every day when Aiden comes home from preschool he wants to crawl into his bed and take a nap.  (He never actually has taken a nap, its usually him and Grayson up there looking at books for 5 minutes.  He also has loved making his own bed.  He is really enjoying his big boy bed.  Grayson has liked it too.  I don't think he misses the crib at all. 

And to end on a sweet one, all through the day he will come up to me to kiss me and then will say, "Momma, I love you all day long."