Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More funnies from Aiden.

The Sunday before last Aiden had me cracking up on the way to church.  I wish I could remember everything he was saying but I can't.  I know it had to do with him growing up and getting married.  He did tell me that he couldn't serve a mission after high school because he needed to get married.  That he was going to build a house for his wife and that I wasn't allowed to visit. 

I tried to point out that he could get married after a mission, just like daddy did.  And that even though he would be a grown up it would still be very nice to see his momma.  He wasn't convinced on that last one but I did my best to promise that I would be nice to his wife.

Then about mid-week he decided he could serve a mission and then get married but I still wasn't allowed to visit.

But last Sunday as we were driving to church he announced that he wasn't going to get married.  He said that he would serve a mission and then move out and build himself a house and make his own food.  I asked why he decided to not get married anymore he said, "I don't want a wife to bother me."

Yesterday when I was picking him up from school he was sharing his future plans with his preschool teacher and told her the same thing, that his wife will bother him so he doesn't need one.   But this time he added that he was going to get a dog and it will just be him and his dog.  He is going to name the dog Mindy because, "Mindy is a really good name for a dog."


Malinda Jane Sieg said...

Ha! Mindy IS a great name for a dog! Aiden cracks me up! :)