Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you "Into It"

Tonight, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce hosted a "Into It" get together for the city. There were several booths set up to get information on the many different things available in our town. Quite honestly, I didn't realize all these museums around town are completely free...we might have to visit this summer...we'll see if it actually happens. The boys got their face painted and we were able to ride on a "train" around the pond. Aiden hated the train ride, even though he was fully prepared with his train overalls.

The funniest thing, this wacko lady was literally carrying 4 (FOUR!) chihuahua puppies in her arms. Then the wack-job would set them down to sign up for different things. Of course they would be running all over the place and then she had to find them to gather them all up. I took the cute little black one off her hands (I don't even like chihuahuas but I'm a sucker for a puppy!) and was holding him for a while. I gave him back to her but in hind sight I think I could have gotten a free dog. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have noticed me carrying him off.


Celeste said...

I tried posting yesterday & got kicked off....sorry if this is a duplicate ;) Thanks for the tip on the free museums! Pretty flowers and handsome boys - great pictures!