Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flowers and Xavier

I love this flower but it is in a weird spot in my yard so I usually miss it's bloom. Glad to finally capture it. I "stole" these from a neighbor when she moved. Technically, she told me to go over and take anything from her garden before she left. I felt funny doing it while they were still in the house, but once they moved, I took a lot!
The Columbine just make me laugh. They are by my mailbox and my sister told me one time to watch them because they might shoot my kids. It makes me laugh everytime. We are sick individuals in our family, judge away!

I actually hate this flower, I've been trying to kill them for the past 8 years, they keep coming back in full force. Its blurry on the edges because the wind is blowing.
I hate this bush too but the white flowers make me happy, the only reason I keep the ugly thing.
Now for Xavier...
So on Sunday Xavier and I had the following conversation about his birthday. (Which was Mother's day and seemed like the perfect time for Xavier to tell me what he wanted for his birthday. Probably the reason why he wrote in my Mother's Day card, "I love you because you buy me birthday presents.")
First off he changed what he wanted on his cake. He orginally wanted a panda cake with the great wall of china and bamboo. I actually figured out a way to somehow create this masterpiece and now he has picked Star Wars...AGAIN. He did have a Star Wars cake last year but it wasn't too great considering the fact that I was too busy praying for my death, so completely miserable with stomach pain. So this year he has picked Star Wars again but he wants the little Star Wars toys not the big ones like last year because, "They suck and broke."
On his birthday list he has decided (and I have to post this because his comments with them were just too funny):
  1. Submarine with 2 guys, "So one could be bait."
  2. 2 Great White Sharks
  3. 20 pack of Gormitis, "But I'm not sharing them with Damon."
  4. Rhino from Spiderman, "Because Damon broke the head off of mine you made me throw it away."
  5. Superman
  6. "Oh yeah, some more 3d chalk too."

UPDATE: Xavier has now decided that he wants a Star Trek cake....since that is what Uncle Brenden likes...I have a feeling this is going to be changing up until the day of the party.


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about the birthday ideas...hmmmmm....not one but TWO great white sharks...not sure we can even fit one in the car to bring it home....we may have to get creative.
Love the pictures!
Mom Little