Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grayson - 8 months

Grayson is 8 months (+ 6 days)! He has been the best baby but I keep reminding myself that it could change any minute. Aiden was also a good baby and look at that kid now!

He is a good little sleeper and a great shopping companion now that Aiden is in preschool during the afternoons. Here he is asleep at Wal-Mart...oh and he finally fits into his cute little orange sneakers. I think the angle of this shot makes his feet look bigger then they really are.

He is a happy little guy, especially if he has a little toy or something to chew on. He does have two teeth on the bottom now. He loves to eat his little puffs, cheerios, and regular baby food too. He also enjoys Panera's bread and pizza crust.
Occasionally this little poof of hair sticks up, I love it. He looks like a little cupie doll. I think he would have been my mom's favorite baby just for that reason.
He has also started to clap. He does it all the time, especially if other people are clapping. He sits up like a champ. Rolls and scoots where ever he needs to go (although he usually scoots himself against a wall and can't move, for some reason he is better at going backwards then forwards). He appears to be working on crawling. He will get up on all his hands and knees and rocks. I think its just a matter of time.